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Re: How is your AFS Recovery coming along? by WoolPippi ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   5/20/2013 5:01:50 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Question #1 - How long have you been actively working on your adrenal fatigue recovery?
since Spring 2008

Question #2 What percentage of your peak, pre-AFS energy level do you have now?
40% (it used to be 15% so I am proud)

Question #3 - What nutrients (or drugs) have been most helpful to you?
full saturated fats (Homo Optimum diet); hydrocortisol; bio-identical progesteron (npc and Utrogestan); salt; magnesium citrate; lithium (food supplement from Biotics); gluten free diet; vit. D; vit. C; home made chicken broth; vinegar and lemon juice to aid stomach acid.

Question #4 - What non-supplement modality has been most helpful to you? (e.g., Meditation, yoga, breathing, earthing etc.)
learning to relax; laying flat several times a day (Rest and Digest); yawning and stretching (lymph system); wearing ear plugs several hours a day; retraining the amygdala (without a program); allowing myself to be 'lazy'; learning to knit (repetitive movement + something to do when resting + wonderful online community); writing letters by hand; living alone; having a cat.

Question #5 - What symptoms have you cured?
digestion; malnutrition; hormonal fluctuations; worries about body; sleeping through the night; basic feeling of not being safe; get out of Fight or Flight; messed up brain chemistry through wrong food stuffs; PMS; loneliness; depression; confusion; brain fog; hypothyroidism; social awkwardness because I have to do things different (I'm just gonna lie down while I wait in the queue, ok?)

Question #6 - What symptoms are you still working on?
blood pressure; stress resilience; energy level; perfectionism. And new: find out if I'm on the Autistic Spectrum and what solutions that might yield.

Question #7 - What do you (unconsciously) do to sabotage or delay your recovery?
perfectionism, ambition, racing brain, self pity (and resulting indulgence of bad foods)

Question #8 - If you could have started to recover all over again, knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently?
learn that doctors do not know everything and find a doctor that will work with me on a base of equality. Know that I differ from most patients (s)he sees and realize this taints his/her initial approach.
Avoid "common knowledge" like the plague. Listen to body and note its reactions instead. Question everything. Start with securing physical rest and good nutrient uptake. Not with running around trying to find out what's wrong.

Question #9 - What are your goals or milestones that represents a successful recovery? (e.g. able to hold a full-time job, able to play tennis again, etc.)
I want to be able to live in the city again and have a career (from home) while switching successfully between active and restig times. For now: driving my car to go visit a knitter friend and taking a small holiday (goals 2013)
Big Ones would be doing an active sport such as weight lifting; going ocean kayakking again or moving to Norway when I'm 60 yo.

Question #10 - Can you recommend any books, websites or resources that have been crucial to your journey?
a basic book on human biology; a basic site about the digestion system; wikipedia pages on the Nervous System(s) and on Cortisol; The Stress of Life by dr.Selye; Adrenal Fatigue 21st century syndrome by dr.Wilson; Diabetes Solution by dr.Bernstein; HyperLipid blog; reviews of Homo Optimum diet by Kwasniewski; What Your Doctor May Not Have Told You About Peri-Menopause by dr.Lee and two books on Rest in the Treatment of Nervous Disease by dr.Weill and Outwitting our Nerves by dr.Jackson. And Spoontheory on the web.
also: find people online. on,, Avoid the whiny people or the ones that do not listen and never question their own opinions.

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