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Re: New to NB by Lualu ..... Nutritional Balancing for Adrenal Fatigue

Date:   5/26/2013 10:42:49 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Hi LilacRose,

I agree, this forum is wonderful. I have looked back over old topics to get so much encouragement even before starting.

My hair test was done about 6 weeks ago. I was already taking Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin D before I had the analysis done. I started on Kelp before I got my results back - Nature's Way, 1 cap with each meal. It did cause some minor anxiety, but that had completely gone before I added anything else in.

The first week, I took 1 Paramin and 1/2 a GB3 with each meal. About 1 hour after each dose I became incredibly tired. I have a very flexible schedule, so I just slept every time for as long as I needed. By the end of the week, I was no longer experiencing any reaction after each dose.

The second week, I added a second Paramin to every meal and 2 at bedtime. I also added in my full dose of Taurine (2 caps with every meal), as I read that it doesn't usually cause much of a reaction. Again, I was very sleepy after each dose and just slept it off. After a few days, this passed, so I added in Limcomin, 1 dose each meal. I reacted to this with some dizziness and almost hyper feeling. I also had a hard time falling asleep and woke once or twice every night feeling anxious. I decided not to increase the Limcomin for another week and the feelings did pass before I increased.

The third week, I added a third Paramin to every meal, and kept the bedtime dose of 2. This brought me to my full dose of Paramin, full dose of Taurine, full dose of Kelp. I followed the same pattern - very sleepy, slept alot, felt better after only 2 days.

The fourth week, I upped my Lincomin to two caps at breakfast and supper, to bring me to my full dose. I have noticed some stomach upset and I am feeling a little fluish and more tired again. I will keep resting until it passes, then I will try to increase my GB3.

Overall, I do not feel as bad as I expected. Having said that, I had already changed my diet and done some detoxing before I started on the supplements. I think that made a big difference. I try to listen to my body and plan my day according to how I feel. I do not have to go to work everyday and have dropped all unneccessary social obligations in order to heal. The worst thing for me is I feel quite bored - I am usually busy all the time.

My strongest advice to you would be to take it slowly, and listen to your body.

Always Looking Up,


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