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Re: kidney at 20% (after renal failure) by #132242 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   6/19/2013 12:29:53 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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If you are diabetic then yes you need to be very careful about everything including iodine.

I can't help you unless you provide more information about the original problem and what it was caused by and also the circumstances leading up to it. The more information you post the better everyone here can have a chance at helping you. As of now it is too vague to make any meaningful suggestions.

Was it a stone blocking your urethra, plaque? infection??? was it possibly your ureter? urethral blockages have more to do with the bladder than the kidneys, but the whole urinary system is obviously connected intimately. Once a stone makes it into the bladder you are usually home free, the hard part is over, but maybe in your case something bad happened?

If you are prone to infections then start taking unsweetened cranberry juice or pomegranite juice daily.

Sounds like there are adrenal issues too, but first you need to deal with your kidney as this may resolve your adrenal problems.

I think you should stop the Iodine ASAP. NOT that Iodine is a bad thing, just give your body a rest now. Iodine can cause you to dump fluoride, chlorine, and bromine and other halogens into the kidneys. This can cause very bad things to happen if your kidney is not able to process. Never try to detox more than your body can handle and don't try to be a detox hero.


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