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Re: Biological Dentist wants to pull my root canal! by Health345 ..... Root Canal Tooth Forum

Date:   6/30/2013 1:14:26 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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From my experience and knowledge. I would in your position. Remove all mercury and all root canals. Get yourself in a posistion where everything is as natural as can be and implants that are 100% zerconia instead of bridges partials or anything else. It is not cheap but you will live the rest of your life with comfort and ease never again thinking it could be my mouth. You will have a metal free mouth and that means a lot since the evidence with magnetic frequencies produced.

Secondly I would stop taking E3 live until all mercury amalgums are removed as this is a chelator. Remember that a lot of good green stuff like Cilantro or algae is not good when you have mercury fillings because it sucks out toxins or binds to them for removal but u don't want to pull toxins out of a mercury fillings.

Look into this information. It is very likely that you will have a complete recovery if you fix dental work then detox your body of all crap cleanse your liver (andreas moritz liver and gallbladder flush)

Supplements are good but it is like a few troops against a massive army. Strategically you want to remove the dental work to have the "few troops" clean up the mess. Make sure you stop the bad things other then dental work. Sugar, cigarettes, soy, Canola oil, refined salt, Chorine, Floride, Teflon/Aluminum pans, cooking with any vegetable fats, With that said co enzyme q10 is good like many enzymes, those oils are tricky got to make sure you get all your needed fats. (green pasture fermented cod liver oil/ Activator X high vitamin butter oil is great) avacados, olive oil, coconut oil, grassfed organic Ghee and lots of veggies. No Sugar or dairy is great but butter, specially Ghee is actually okay(if organic grassfed, specially raw) and backed by Science these days.( people been having it all over the world for ages, vegetable oils over last 20 years have just made heart disease more rampant.) More then supplements focus on good sleep at 10 am ( sundown, wake sunrise) sleep and eat at same times everyday, eat animal protein at or before lunch, don't only when hungry don't snack a lot. Good food combining. These things matter because a huge source of toxins is undigested foods.

i don't know what else i can think of hope this helps someone.



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