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Sexual Supplement Successes: I built my own erection set. by Cautious Guinea Pig ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   7/5/2013 2:01:13 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I have something to report:
While I have always been quite blessed and my erections have always worked as they should, this has not stopped me from looking for and experiencing some improvement over what was already exceptionally good. I am passing along my experience just in case it might be of interest to somebody.
Over a decade ago I tried taking creatine monohydrate. While I have looked all over the web for others who might have expeienced this, I seem to be one of the few who got very noticeably harder and bigger erections while taking it. During my first loading phase with creatine my erections got so hard they hurt, like they did when I was fifteen and my "thing" was still growing bigger.
I read that Iodine has the ability to dissolve certain fatty deposits in our arteries. I am also taking lysine and vitamin C per Linus Pauling to clear out my arteries. In addition I have been taking yohimbe, Arginine, various antioxidants, substances thought to increase testosterone, a supplement containing every herb suspected to make a man hard or horny, and a few other things that might contribute. I've also lost over thirty pounds and have been doing some weightlifting again. I stopped drinking soda and have been trying to eat healthier. Dark chocolate is my worst excess.
Anyhow as a result of all this while I'm still getting older and my body is not getting any easier to maintain, I have been taking everything that has helped my erections at once and getting phenomenal results I've never seen before in all my life. Although I don't usually take the full maximum recommended dosages, I still am having to cut back what I am taking as a result of erections beginning to come on any time I get even the slightest bit drowsy at work, even worse than when falling asleep in class back in high school. So, for those who think supplements don't do anything, I have experienced rock solid proof to the contrary. I also feel my greater virility is a symptom of improved health, and I feel that Iodine may have played an important part in this progress. And yes, I'm enjoying my improved health. Thanks to all who have shared their experiences, and helped turn me on to iodine. :)

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