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Re: What Iíve Learned (Battling Intestinal Roundworms) by intotheworld ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   7/26/2013 9:17:44 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Real thoughtful of you to assemble all that info for us - I've been battling Ascaris myself for just over a year (reckon I just about have the darn things beat) and can definitely relate to what you have gone through.

Just a few questions - I'm guessing you are aware that the dead ones have a nasty habit of attaching themselves to your intestinal walls and providing an ideal refuge for their spawn as well as continuing to poison us. What if anything are you doing to try and get rid of these aside from the water enemas? Have you tried MSM? Coffee enemas? Lemon water enemas?

Have you tried diatomaceous earth at all? Mine did not like that stuff one bit.

When you do the enema and some come out in your next BM how intact are they? what size?

Have you tried milk thistle to help your liver deal with the die-off?

btw - this englishguy is obviously talking baloney..

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