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The caloric thread by Blistering Fate ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   8/2/2013 10:41:02 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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So you all probably know the insistent user natway. He has asked us many times to eat like pigs and that will cure adrenal fatigue or candida overgrowth, which arent even real lol. While I dont concur with him with that, I know that I wasnt eating enough before, and that was a direct result of researching adrenal fatigue and candida overgrowth and doing insane diets. Dont be lazy and take some minutes to count the calories of your day so we can know if you are eating enough and how its your weight. If they are below 2000 then you should consider upping them in case you are underweight.

I will serve as an example, let see:

Half a liter of kefir aprox: 250 calories

Kiwi, three: 120 calories

Halibut spanish stew with whole rye bread: 380 calories

4 plums: 70 calories

75 grams of relatively healthy spanish traditional sweet: 400 calories

100 grams aprox of peanuts: 500 calories

Vegetable juicing: Around 100 calories

Brown basmati rice with lentils etc: Around 300 calories

Today we had 2120 calories, its not the norm, I usually get less, and thats why I am only 65 kgs with 180 cm tall. But looking almost normal, just too thin, but no longer skinny as I used to. My goal would be 70 kgs or 75, but for that it would be needed to cure "AF" or "CFS"(which its quite real despite what natway thinks)to have enough digestive enzymes, energy and motivation. Meanwhile, eat enough and not starve.

PD: Anthony the Liver Troll wants to add: "Eat Potatoes!" XD (Just kidding, I think its not bad to eat potatoes from time to time)

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