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2 Year Update on Copper Detox by feo66 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   8/20/2013 5:02:15 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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  Ok.   I’ve been working on copper / metal detox for a couple of years now.  Time for an update. Where does the time go?

 Not sure whether I should thank Laredo or curse her for pointing many of us in this direction.

 While detoxing … you will get worse before you get better and possibly for a long time depending on how many toxins are sequestered away.


Laredo warned us

 I definitely got worse before I got better...all my symptoms intensified.


Keep this in mind whether you are doing the Cutler Protocol or Nutritional Balancing.  You will get worse as toxins come out.    

Here is a link to a trend of my hair analysis, which is discussed more below.

In the spreadsheet, Blue cells are values below ideal range.  Orange Cells are above ideal range

The graphs don’t show on my android tablet for some reason…so better if you are on a desktop.

The trends are kind of cool and definitely show movement over time.

Here is my latest test


Before working on Detox

 Summer of 2011

 After about a year of steady meditation and breathing exercises, I was feeling pretty good. No more exaggerated startle response.  No more frequent urination.  I could go for a 4-hour drive without having to stop every 30 minutes to urinate.

 Instead of smooth finger tips, I had fingerprints again !.....  Indicating collagen breakdown had slowed and was able to repair better.

 I had pretty much calmed my nervous system with meditation and breathing exercises.

  And Buteyko breathing had eliminated many symptoms which are really secondary from sub-conscious hyperventilation. (chronic stress causes chronic hyperventilation).  If you have shortness of breath, or take sudden automatic big inhalations, those are classic signs of hyperventilation syndrome. 

 But I still had a lot of lingering symptoms.  (bone pain, joint pain,  prostate problems, many others).

 However  … I felt quite calm.  


Phase 1 - Copying Laredo

After seeing the success Laredo had focusing on copper detox, I read Giddlemans book. It seemed to fit me quite well, just based on the symptoms.

Starting around Sept 2011, I started the Cutler Protocol for copper detox like Laredo did.  I also switched to high zinc, low copper foods as per Ann-Louise Giddlemans book.

Well.... I thought I was going to DIE.   All of a sudden, I was only getting about 2 hours sleep per night.  

I was very close to having to quit work. I was scared to go anywhere since I often felt like I was going to collapse.

My body temperature dropped (copper affects thyroid).  My bowel movements became pretty much white (indicating my liver could not clear all the copper that was coming out of storage).

My skin became super scaly. I also got bad psoriasis.  I stopped going for massages since I was too embarrassed how my skin looked.

My skin looks like someone 90 years old the last few days.”


My fingertips became smooth again.  So the copper detox was raising cortisol, resulting in reduced collagen formation. 

I took a break from zinc.  My body temperature came up a bit and my bowel movements became darker.   Started sleeping better again.

 I stopped taking 100 mg of zinc last Wednesday.  My stools have darkened up a little each day.   Skin has improved a little and generally feel better.”


This is very important to note.  Just stopping one simple mineral (zinc) made me feel better.  I had not even heard of Endo-Met at this point.  But stopping any supplement that is making you detox will make you feel better.   It does not mean that the specific supplements are bad … just that they are making you detox. 


Anyhow …this convinced me that it was copper detox, even though I had not used hair analysis yet.   I tried for about 4 months on my own.  Then I decided to consult with Ann-Louise Giddleman

I couldn’t do it as fast as Laredo.  She took 6 months off work to just lie in bed while she worked on detoxing copper.


Phase 2- Working with Ann-Louise Giddleman

My first hair analysis showed high copper.  The first test was 5 months after working on copper detox, so copper was likely higher than it would have been before I started.   It would have been nice to see where it was before I started doing the cutler protocol and pulling out copper.


That is a key point to remember.  Very low toxic metals on your first hair analysis is often a sign that they are just in storage.    Oddly, the lower the toxic metals show, the more toxic you probably are, since it means you are not removing any. 


If your body does not have enough energy to even try to remove them, they just continue get stored over the years, and won’t initially show up in the hair.


Ann-Louise uses TEI for a lab, so that is why the first few labs in the link above show more things tested for.  TEI tests for a few more minerals than ARL.

I did learn a few things from Ann-Louise.  But it is $200 to talk to her for 30-minutes, and I had no feedback or guidance in between the 3 month retests. Felt a little lonely.

I made some improvements.  She was surprised that my copper kept climbing and she thought I might be exposed to a source of copper.  But because symptoms got so much worse when I took zinc, I knew it was copper coming from the inside and not from exposure to copper pipes, etc. 

Plus …. I lived in a couple of locations for work (different water source, different pipes), and my copper continued to climb regardless of where I lived.  The locations were 3000 km apart.

Ann-Louise mentioned that eventually, other metals will increase as they come out of storage.  It just hadn’t happened yet.


After 8-months of working Ann-Louise, I figured I would give one of the Wilson practitioners a try.  I liked the idea of constant feedback and ability to ask questions as things came up.

I STILL could not tolerate any zinc.  The detox symptoms were just too much, and my bowel movements were almost white when I did. And my skin was horribly scaly.  I just could not clear the toxins (copper) be released from storage.  

But she really helped me understand how EMF is a source of stress, and how you can protect yourself.  I would recommend the following books on EMF protection:


Phase 3 - ARL / Wilson practitioner

I picked Pam Killeen from Larry Wilsons web-site and started working with her.  

By this time, I understood that it was more than just a copper issue.  All toxins accumulate during years of stress.

During stress, toxins are not eliminated well.  Stress lowers glutathione levels, as well as vitamin C levels, both of which are needed to remove toxins.  And when you finally collapse into stage 3 … they accumulate even faster due to lack of energy.

Pam makes it clear at the beginning that you will get worse before you get better.  I completely understood that after seeing Laredo’s experience and my own so far. 

She is also a stickler for coffee enemas, and feels they are very important to increase the amount of bile (full of toxins) your gallbladder can release.  Get your liver/gallbladder working better…. and clearance issues will improve, detox speed will increase, and symptoms will lessen.

So I reluctantly started the coffee enemas … with only ½ teaspoon at first.  

She also insisted I start zinc again to help lower copper. I told her I haven’t been able to tolerate zinc for almost one year.

After a couple of days after starting the coffee enemas (CE), I was able to tolerate zinc without feeling completely horrible.     Rather than the copper just circulating around and making me feel horrible, the CE’s encourage elimination.  

You can see from the trends that copper continues to increase after almost 2 years.   (Such a long post, here is the link again).

The only time elimination slowed down (copper dropped, aluminum dropped, calcium dropped) is when there was a death in the family.  So I was grieving, plus right back to working 50 hrs per week.  It was a pretty stressful time.  

Again… it is hard for the body to eliminate toxins when exposed to stress.

On the last test 06/20/2013, my copper is higher.... yet again.  But also my aluminum has also shot up, indicating that I now have enough energy to remove it as well as the copper.

Lead is trending up as well.  

And so is calcium (which indicates bio-unavailable calcium coming out of joints, etc) More on calcium elimination below.

 My sodium has increased.  I am sweating for the first time in 10-yrs.   Up until recently, I hated doing the saunas since I didn’t sweat. The lamps would just burn my skin, but my body could not sweat to cool itself off.

 I also no longer have heat intolerance since my body can sweat to cool itself off.  It is nice to sit in the sun and feel sweat run down my back.

Where Am I Now?

It is a mix of feeling better and worse.   Detox is still rough.  However, symptoms that I have had for years are slowly going away.  Some I didn’t even know were connected, since I had them long before I crashed.

For example, for years I always had a lot of plaque at the dentist.  They had to work really hard to clean my teeth.  They would always end up bringing out the power tools.   I went for a cleaning couple of weeks ago and after a few minutes with the hand pick she said:

 “That’s it… hardly any plaque… only a little bit on the lower inside, where calcium comes out a saliva duct”.  

Bingo… all that plaque for many years was bio-unavailable calcium or surplus calcium.  Now that I am eliminating it, there is less to form plaque.  So she didn’t need to use the Dremel Multi-tool.

I had a filling repaired this week.  For years, it would KILL me to keep my mouth open for the dentist since my jaw hurt so bad.  They would have to tell me every minute or so “Open Up!” 

I was able to get through this filling with no jaw pain.  I am sure the joint pain I had over the years was calcium deposits in my jaw.

I have had dry scaly skin for years. It is now super soft and smooth now.   Pretty sure this is due to improved clearance, since my skin was at its worst when my bowel movements were almost white.

Here is a post from a couple of months ago listing some other positives.


Not All a Bed of Roses

Now…. Detoxing is rough.  After two years, I still have copper and metals coming out.  In some ways, I am “worse”, but that is life for a detoxer.  At least for a while. 

I went through periods of headaches so bad I almost vomited.  They have passed, and I haven’t had a headache for a long time.

I had bad psoriasis for a few months, but that has passed.

My insomnia is still bad. My theory is that when you rest, the body takes advantage of the time to move toxins along.  I can actually hear (and feel) my gallbladder releasing at night in bed. 

I catch every cold or flu now, and I get sicker than others.  All the metals coming out is really taxing my immune system.  So any additional burdens are not tolerated as well as before detoxing.  I know this will pass too.

My post exertion crash is worse … for now.  

But having symptoms go away little by little is motivating. Especially symptoms I didn`t even know were connected since I have had them so long.    

And seeing the toxins increase in the hair is motivating too.   I know I am getting rid of them.


Is There Another Way?

Sure.  There are other ways.  Dr Neville mentioned to Laredo that once the adrenals were in better shape, copper and other toxins would start to come out.

But in my case, if this is where I am after two years of aggressively working on detox …. How long would that have taken?   

If you actively get rid of the metals quicker, your body will be less burdened by them, and will function better.  

Don’t know how good I’ll feel when all these metals are out … we’ll see.  But I like the positive progress I am having.  

And the metals were not doing any good lying in cells all over my body, affecting their function.…. So we’ll see.

Laredo is one of the very few people on this forum to be able to say:

 “I feel great … I have my life back …”

And she credits copper detox is one of the main reasons.  So I am very hopeful this will be a major help for me.


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