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Re: 2 Year Update on Copper Detox by 155216 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   8/21/2013 3:24:30 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Yes some good points definitely, I see your points. However if this was the case, surely we would develop scurvy from lack of vitamin C? Yes I am sure we can all come up with theory why we wouldnt, yet vitamin C was above the scurvy threshold etc, but it is all theory. Its the same with the whole 'adrenals to blame for everything', I dont actually think they are, and Dr Myhill talks about this and mitochondrial and gut function as opposed to the end game of low cortisol being the fundamental problem. Have you ever had a nose at Dr Myhills work? Unfortunately she dosent talk much about the whole locked in sympathetic dominance, but the rest of her theories are actually a lot more logical than hair testing. I have noticed a huge change in health since working up on hard core custom probiotics.

But LAredo did have genuine copper toxicity from her implant and what showed up in a blood test? I have to point out, I totally agree with detoxing metals like alumiunium, arsenic, mercury etc if they show up, but its the so-called 'hidden ones' that is where my major headache is.

I have actually been doing a lot of reading on POTS, and that those sufferers also suffer from 'crashes' similar to ours, are actually an accumilation of caetchomines (from being stuck in hyperdrive) accumulating - frequent urination normally cloudy, a crash after a day of beein super amped up etc). I actually fear its potential that we suffer from POTS more than AF, and those in burn out actually suffer from true AF. Anyway, thats a whole different discussion - and maybe POTS is AF! Anyways :)

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