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Re: Saw This and Thought of you Feo... by feo66 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   8/28/2013 10:50:40 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Wired ... if you truly were poking fun, sorry for reacting the way I did.

However, generally not a good idea to tease someone when you both know that you have opposite views on the whatever the issue is. It never seems to end well.

My room mate from university has drifted towards right wight politics over the years (caries a concealed handgun now, thinks Obama is a terrorist who stole the election....the whole nine yards)

If I have a funny joke about conservatives, I do NOT include him on the distribution. It always ends poorly.

Also why there are not a lot of popular male comedians that tease feminists

Remember the flame out when Michael Richards (Kramer from Seinfled) made fun of black people.

Since we had JUST had a debate about whether copper toxicity exists, whether I am actually improving or not because of detoxing ..... I maaaaay not have been ready for a fun little poke about copper.

Anyway .... we'll have to work to respect each others opinions ... and be a hair more selective on jokes :)


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