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Re: Anyone with teeth and liver issues? by lovefreedom ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   9/4/2013 9:32:54 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Also, wanted to add that as amazing as OP is, it is probably going to take some time for your liver and teeth to get better. And it may take more than just OP.
Our bodies are absolutely brilliant and can heal themselves given time and support. But give yourself plenty of time and as little stress as possible.
I would never rely on OP alone. Stress, in my view, is the worst thing for our bodies. Even a low level of discontentment/resentment can be quite devastating to the body. So making sure you are happy and peaceful inside is crucial. Experiment with different things and see what works for you. As McCuddly said, liver herbs works miracles. Liver is such a great organ, it has amazing power of rebuilding itself. Given half a chance:)
For me yoga, fresh air, breath and moving my lymphatic liquids is a must that I make my first priority always. OP has recently become my non-negotiable that I do daily, even if it is only 10 minutes. Vitamin C and apples are what keeps me healthy. And spinach (raw and sometimes cooked). Apples soften liver stones - so an extra benefit to remember an apple a day. Spinach and kale and superfoods that I try to include daily (but don't stress if I can't). Learning to focus on what i appreciate (rather than what I need to fix) and understanding my emotions is also important. I know that when i feel good the inspiration comes. I also make intentions daily - a few years ago when my body and health collapsed I made my first intention to find solutions outside of the medicos who were hopeless and expensive. And since then the inspiration and help flowing to me has been amazing.
Don't get impatient and frustrated is the progress is slow. When your health is not well, it may mean that some basic changes need to happen for you to support your health. It is not just one magic pill. Its a change in the lifestyle.
On the other hand, don't try to do everything at once - anything you do will be helping you slowly. Be patient and love your liver and love your body. They say we are not our bodies but without them there wouldn't be us:)

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