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Re: Why Doesnt Someone Try A Liver FLush and Tell Us The Results by #176559 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   9/28/2013 6:21:54 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hi all,

I have exactly the same problem, have found ways to improve it, but not yet a definite solution. Apologies for the length of the text which will follow; but I would like to take you through a brief history of how my problem developed, in hope to potentially flag the root cause behind it which might have been overlooked by other participants and myself. I do believe there is a root cause and that it can be solved.

I live in the UK. When I was at university, I had a somewhat bad Acne problem, and took a medicine called Roacutane which is basically a very large dose of vitamin A, which causes your entire body skin to dry severely and eventually get rid of acne. While I was taking it, my lips were always dry and I noticed I would sweet less. After curing the acne, I stopped taking the medicine and was back to normal - including lips, nice and healthy.

Two years later, I graduated, moved in with my girlfriend and started working at an office. I am and was very healthy, eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, high quality extra virgin olive oil and exercising. Little alcohol and absolutely zero drugs and junk food. The only lifestyle changed, which is small, was the fact that I started drinking one cup of coffee a day and perhaps giving my girlfriend oral sex more frequently than before.

Three months later, I was casually working in my office and when I went to the toilet I noticed an unusual "white layer" across my entire lower lip after I washed it - for no apparent reason. Months afterwards I gradually entered into the "peeling cycle" which is roughly the following: Day 1: lips begin drying; Day 2: "skin pockets" on the lower lips start to appear, and when you touch them you realise the outer layer of skin is detached from the inner; Day 3: vertical cracks across lower lips appear and eventually peel off through washing or biting. Day 4: Start all over again, never ending. This situation is very uncomfortable, although barely noticeable for other people. Unless I get inpatient half way through the cycle, and get multi-layers peeling at different phases. This process continued for one whole year.

Then, I spend long holidays in a tropical country during the summer. This included being in a hot weather, swimming in the sea, eating more fruits, less coffee and more food in general. My lips improved significantly, to the point I simply forgot about the peeling. It is important to note though that my perception of the reduced peeling was exaggerated as I was busy with other activities. During this time, I also visited a dermatologist who advised me it was not exfoliative cheilitis, but simply dry lips. I think he did not know what he was talking about. But he prescribed me a custom made moisturising lip balm, based on the fat that birds secrete on their feathers to stop sinking into water (sounds nasty, I know, but it's not as it is only about 2 - 3% of this substance).

I returned to the UK, and my lips carried the "healthy momentum" for a few months, but then gradually started to return to the previous cycling. The bird oil thing lip balm helped dramatically, it is in fact the only substance that manages to hold it off. I now stopped using it because I ran out, and my lips are going out of control again. I tried all sorts of balms but none has worked. I would like to point out that Vaseline (petroleum based) makes it even worst, so do not use it!

Now let's narrow the biggest suspects:

1. Diet: my diet has not really changed much since then, in fact, it has improved, so I would rule it out of the equation.

2. Coffee: rather unlikely too as first I take little and second many people take it without side-effects (plus I just love coffee).

3. Oral sex: would make sense from a bacterial point of view, but I have spent one year without doing it and experienced no changes. So I do not think that is the case either.

4. Stress: definitely not, I'm zen.

5. Roacutane medicine (vitamin A overdose): this could be the trigger, but interestingly enough, the problem only began two years after I stopped taking it as opposed to have dragged on right away. So perhaps not.

I will try the Liver Cleansing and will post my results. I have never tried it before so it will be a good base for assessment.

Please let me know if you have any ideas of what could be the trigger for this condition. And ideally, the cure.

Many thanks,


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