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Re: Don't know where to start.. by mygutleaks ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   9/30/2013 7:38:17 AM ( 10 years ago ago)
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If you have acne, then inflammation is definitely a problem. You shouldn't do any cleansing unless you are willing to change your diet. Without diet change you won't cure your acne. I took accutane and minocycline and many many other Antibiotics . I'm quite sure my liver hated it. But I've figured out how to keep my skin 100% clear now. An Elimination Diet will help you figure out what is causing the inflammation, and then you want to avoid those foods. For me it is milk, wheat, soy, peanut - it's a long list.

Then look for gut infections like candida, parasites, bad bacteria that cause a leaky gut. Treat those and then some of your intolerances causing the inflammation, should go away over time. Some of mine are, some aren't and I'm a year in. Candida was one issue for me, and bad bacteria as well. Read the boards and learn the various ways to cleanse the liver, gut health in general, and your adrenal glands and hormones. It takes a long time and for long-term success you'll likely need to adapt a new lifestyle that includes a whole foods diet. It's important because nourishing your body through whole foods will help prevent other diseases down the road, plus you'll feel better, sleep better, shit better - generally feel less blah. Your liver will clean itself out eventually and heal from the megadoses of synthetic vitamin A. But before you attempt to detox, make sure you are droppin a duece at least once daily. Otherwise you'll just reabsorb toxins and feel like ish. Eating foods with prebiotics like onions, brown rice bran, etc., will help by feeding the good bacteria.

There are many ways to accomplish the same goal. Ex., carrot juicing is one way to cleanse the liver that's not as harsh as the Liver-Flush (but keep in mind it's extremely high in sugar, so not good for candida). The Liver-Flush is great, don't get me wrong - but it alone probably won't cure you and you'll waste a lot of time trying to figure out if it will. I've done two of them and got a lot out - but have still needed a clean diet. Cooking with olive oil will help the liver push-out Gallstones that have formed over the years.

I'm quite sure Illnesssolution is full of shit, if he's not willing to post his cure all on here. You don't need to spend a lot on supplements, just whole foods and maybe some good testing from a doctor who specializes in detox -
can help you find one. If you spend a ton of time reading curezone and other sites, you might be able to pin-point it without testing. Then, over time as you learn more and have more cash, you can invest in things like a good juicer or blender, supplements. Right now i'd say, buy some water kefir grains and brew your own at home. It's mega cheap. And spend the rest on a good clean diet.


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