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Biopsies stomach distention/constipation is out of control... by Shadamae ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   10/7/2013 10:52:14 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I apologize in advance for the verbose post here.

I am recovering and napping on and off tonight after having several biopsies (for recurring cervical dysplasia) taken today under propofol (amongst some other sedatives) and have been woken up this evening with severe stomach distention. Yes this is what I originally had but it is 10x worse tonight.

I also wanted to start back on my (parasite/bowel) cleansing/herb regiment tomorrow and but I am so constipated that I'm scared to do it. I'm not supposed to drink caffeine during the Bowel Cleanse but that is the only way that I [normally] have a BM at all. Today I have taken Mag Citrate (entire bottle) and drank a cup of coffee and nothing worked. I did a regular saline enema and only a little came out. I didn't see worms this time but did see some white-ish/translucent seed/egg like things dissimilar to anything I have ingested recently. Should I start doing regular enemas tomorrow when I start the bowel cleanse? If so what kind and how often?

I am also still waiting for my bacteria breath test results and stool sample results (will get them this week) from my regular GI doc and still will be going to see Dr. Cahill Thursday. While I would like to "just wait" and not do the cleanse or take any herbs until I get all the testing done, I just cannot stand it. The "feeling ill" and the severe discomfort is too extreme.

FYI - My diet is: no sugar, gluten, diary, red meat, pork, processed foods. I eat chicken, fish, lots of green veggies, lemon water, raw pumpkin seeds, olive/coconut/grapeseed/castor oil, ginger, garlic, and morning coffee.

Herbs (starting back tomorrow): Vit C, Oil of Oregano, HCL/Digestive Enzymes, omega 3, Mastic Gum, Wheatgrass - and will be starting back with [Awareness] bowel/ parasite cleanse tomorrow which has the usual stuff: Psyllium, Wormwood , cloves, Black-Walnut , etc.

Thanks for your help.


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