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Do I need a root canal? by jljaina ..... Root Canal Tooth Forum

Date:   10/21/2013 12:17:28 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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So 2 months ago I went to the dentist for extreme pain on a back molar whenever I ate (and random throbbing pain). I flat out asked if I needed a root canal or tooth extraction as pain sometimes was really bad. Paid extra for thorough examination. She said no, but that I had a cavity on the main tooth and the one next to it. Paid for fillings and then spoke to her about am implant for another tooth I had previously pulled. Since I didn't need major dental work done I went ahead and started the implant process. However my tooth kept hurting. Not as bad, but some. So I go bad in and I am told that filling is very close to a nerve and that if it still hurts all they could do is a root canal for $2100 (they insist on a crown too). She did add a bit for filling which has helped some but still aches at times.

I am frustrated because she had previously told me I did not need a root canal then 3 weeks later the same office is saying likely yes. If they had said the cavity was close to the nerve and that a root canal might be needed I would have waited on the implant. Now I do not have any extra money (and no insurance that I can afford) to pay this $2100. Also the pain is not too severe. Oralgel does fine or regular painkillers does fine. No sensitivity to hot or cold. Just random, dull aches.

So do I pay for the root canal by borrowing money, see another dentist (More money that I do not have) for another opinion or wait it out. Also, how do I handle the dentist as they misinformed me. The implant could have waited but now is mid-process so I feel they should work with me on the price but I don't think they will as they added the extra filling saying that was free "just in case you need the root canal." But there aren't many other decent dentists near where I live either.

Opinions on if I need a root canal or how to deal with dentist over the issue.

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