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Re: This cured my body odor, READ GUYS and MY STORY by dakotaf45 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   10/30/2013 2:28:13 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Thanks, and yes definetly I had constipation when I went through this odor. When I was in high school I noticed when I got nervous my stomach would make this sort of growling noise, but it would sound like a fart. so kids would laugh and say I farted when it was really my stomach. BUT when I went to the restroom it stopped. In the morning I had a hard time for bowel movements because I tried to get rid of it before I went to school and it wouldn't work or happen until I went to school. but here's a tip.
I ate 2 lemons and water for a day, and that definatly got rid of the constipation problem. it was almost like a relaxitive. I did that instead of taking pills for this problem because I really don't trust the side affects that I get from pills. I felt like sometimes it increased my Body Odor .

yes I did have a bad diet habbit. I use to eat chocolate, meat, chicken, and eggs. I didn't drink as much soda, everyday I drunk sunyD. I never really drunk water alone.
so all of this food together was causing me to smell like feces and all these other weird smells.
And some days I would be able to smell myself, most days I wouldn't. I remember going to school and I was about 30ft away and I could already see kids laughing and rubbing their nose and staring at me. I smelled feces all around me. and it stuck the whole walk home. Then I remember walking with this girl who said it smelled like eggs the whole walk home from school, but I couldn't smell anything. and when I would spray myself she would walk away because the perfume made it worse, and this is before I started the diet. she said then that I smelled like a "toilet"

And hey no problem! Im glad your asking questions because I really want to help. even though this problem is gone, I still want to help on here. because I know exactly what its like. I remember reading someone on here saying that it even takes courage to walk out the door, and I felt the exact same way.

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