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Re: you cannot starve candida? by ericbakker ..... Ask Dr Eric Bakker

Date:   11/20/2013 5:57:35 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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You cannot "starve" candida out, nor any bacteria in the GI tract for that matter - and neither would you want to do this. It is a ridiculous notion to "starve" and "kill" candida, it needs to be brought into a state of balance, that's all. This can be achieved over a prolonged period of time in people by adopting the right kind of protocol.

There is no one singular protocol to eradicate a yeast infection that is the "only" way. When you here others slam treatments or tell you that "a cure is only possible their way you will want to turn around and keep on walking. And folks who tell you that "starving" candida belong to the group you will want to avoid entirely.

Diet approach is THE way to beat candida, as a foundation especially. The same goes for any chronic condition - diet rules as the foundation upon which good health is based. Lifestyle quickly follows, and treatments are behind that.

Starvation is harmful in my books, and such extreme approaches to candida eradication generally belong to extreme people who are commonly the ones I see who end up with a yeast infection for twenty years or more - they have tried "everything" and are still sick. Any extreme approach to health and healing will eventually turn out to be a useless (and quite possibly harmful) approach.

You will be able to reduce Candida numbers and work on building a good immune presence, including plenty of beneficial bacteria. You can read all about Candida metabolites in my book Candida Crusher, these are best dealt with as well and are often confused with Candida itself.

Try not to pay too much attention to these "studies" conducted in labs. I've seen too many people in Candida forums comment on this or that "research" that proves a certain moot point. Real people I see in my clinic with real yeast infections are quite different from the rat studies conducted in labs by guys in white coats. I've talked to enough Candida "experts" over the years who have never treated a single Candida patient in their life but who seemed to know all the answers when it came to eradicating a yeast infection. African Grey Parrots are a bit like this, they are great imitators, and over the course of their life can recall and imitate an amazing amount of words from seemingly nowhere.


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