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Re: Mountain Man beats Court by WhistlingBooger ..... Conspiracy Forum

Date:   11/23/2013 2:11:04 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Nice Find! He hits home on a few points. A real person has the right, not privilege granted by ANY "government" to forage or est. They have the right to travel and so on. Anyone who submits to being required to have a license to do something is not a free person or even a person. They are a slave without even realizing it, and have proven they are not real humans that can do what they want as long as they don't harm others. So in essence they have become property of the state or nation by these actions that they did freely. Any wonder why they consider us to be useless eaters? We submit to these unnatural and unconstitutional laws that only apply to slaves or property.

I think I've talked about how court cases are "the state", "the city" or "county" against you. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the state, county or city to be the plaintiff. They don't exist. The only physical properties for the entities are dirt, air, water, minerals and plants; and none of them can testify to ANY facts. They can't speak, write a complaint or communicate in ANY way.

The only person who has any facts in the matter is usually a cop, but they aren't the plaintiff and didn't file a complaint against you saying you harmed them or anyone. You simply violated one of their make believe laws for slaves.

NO attorney can present ANY facts because they weren't there. All they can present is briefs and arguments because they are 3rd parties. And the judge can only reside or rule on the evidence presented by the plaintiff and defendant. They are simply the referee for the game.

What you saw in that video was the judge leaving the bench to become the attorney and DID corrupt the court by doing so, just like the guy said. She was questioning the defendant like a lawyer, AND THEN ruling on what should be done from his answers to HER questions. Once she leaves the bench to become the lawyer and question the defendant, she corrupted the court, herself, her oath & bond.

Where was the plaintiff that testified to the facts to show the court that something has to go to trial? Anyone see the plaintiff testifying they were harmed by the defendant for something, and asking the court to do something about it? Then how could it go to trial? There is no evidence or plaintiff.

And the cop is NOT the plaintiff. Either the city, county or state is, which don't exist. And if you're up against the state, a county or city prosecuting attorney can't represent the state.

My friend went in and asked it the plaintiff (the state) was there and then asked if anyone was representing the state and the prosecuting (county) attorney got up and left the courtroom. My friend should have done like this guy and said well it's only you and me judge. The plaintiff has failed to appear and dismissed the case, so have a nice day and left.

When you expose the fraud going on in the court room, and it's all fraud, they have to leave or dismiss the case. All you have to do is act like a real person instead of their slave or property. And if you get an attorney, you've shown you're a slave or their property.

ALL courts are corporations. Businesses. In order to do business with you there has to be an agreement between you and them. If you agree with ANY of their garbage like I've shown, you've contracted with them and will get what's coming to a slave. And since ALL courts are businesses, ALL crimes is too. I've read the law saying even murder is commerce.

I just got another speeding ticket and will be using some of this stuff. I also like to show how the cop always lies, breaks the law when they give you the ticket, and the "evidence" is just smoke and mirrors.

You have to really study the law and learn what it really is, get it into your head how you need to act, (which this guy did. like a real person) what evidence really is and what is lacking in their evidence. When you combine it all, they absolutely have NO case. If you get it all together and still lose due to a crooked judge and court, tell them to discharge the debt. There is no money!

Like this guy tried to partially expose, they have set up a trust in your ALL CAPITOL LETTER NAME. (JOE BLOW, instead of Joe Blow) And since you're acting like a slave or property, the court assumes the role of beneficiary with you and the trustee. (Which he mentioned) But the reality is, you are the beneficiary of that trust. You just don't assume the role. So they do "for you". Since you are the real beneficiary, you tell the trustee what to do. So tell them to discharge the debt and be on your way.

Anyway, that's part of the game being played when you go to court. Hope it helps. Learn the law and speak for yourself and show you are a real person and can take care of yourself, and they will go away. They will look for easier fish to fry, or easier money. Their courts have NO jurisdiction over a real person. So learn how to act like one. (not saying you aren't) But that is where we are and why they treat us like property that they own. We've accepted the slave status and get treated like one.

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