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Re: What has really helped me in my Candida battle by beesting ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   12/9/2013 8:20:41 PM ( 10 years ago ago)
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Candida Relief Letter Number 17 (Curezone search: beesting,candida) 17 first person reports more useful then your picture of clinging colonies of candida attached to intestine lining, indicates your entire body-organs are in even worst condition;:splitting tissue fissures within the entire digestive tract, all containing festering colonies of candida-- slowly disintegrating within each infected organ as planned by nature.

Candida is a decomposing organism that works on corpuses mostly, yet today they begin their work above ground in the “Still Walking Dead! This is not an educated picture, but one of extreme neglect in taking care of one's body while still alive!

I see little "helpful information" in your text -- maybe I am wrong on this! I just see promotional materials and protocols of questionable worth - no means of self proving anything – yet all requiring cash from the candida victims.

I have been fighting against candida, it is not a little matter, and it is a very serious infection. Why do I make such statement? For candida acts just like its a venereal-transmitted disease -- it moves about the body through the blood stream/body-fluids medium. Yep, for a study published in journal of women’s health suggested that Candida yeast is a sexually transmitted disease.

Candida can travel where ever (via spore over-production), and it will feed on all Sugar saturated body fluids sources. Even fat storage cells (concentrations of fatty tissue layers) get consumed, when colonies get established in the body-tissues nearby.

In fact, when candida spores over-consume (feast upon) localized sugars within body fluids community, the immune system will burst open all the necessary fatty sacks (nearest the suffering community) to provide food for all living tissue cells -- but the candida spores get to eat these newly released sugars, first, for they are everywhere surrounding/around the stationary living cells still starving!

So even more fatty cells are burst open by the immune system, and the spores develop their steadfasts --get even bigger -- always feeding first in line!

Then over time free-floating candida spores establish hundreds/thousands of colonies within organs -- anywhere -- splitting wide open ever widening type sores within each living organ attacked in the body!

There is nothing wrong with saying I feel better, but use some "real proof" source that candida infestation levels in the body are decreasing! A wishful heart is okay, but it will not kill one candida colony on the spot.

There are two simple tests the candida victim can perform to prove the presence or not of candida

1. a sugar/water-jar test and a urination in a bottle (with tightened lid) test. I have discussed these test in many of my candida letters on curezone (keywords: beesting, candida).

When you test against all your protocol procedures, this test, it will prove the presence or not of candida in the upper part of body. The below test proves presence in the lower part of body.

2. a urination in the bottle test (with lid on tight) proves two things, regarding the entire digestive/urinary tract. If positive with gas and cloudy urine within bottle, both results at the same time, this proves you have a major candida infestation.

These two simple tests, if all turn negative at the same time, will go a long way to proving your body is mostly free of candida. The sugar/water jar test is not new, but the urination in a bottle confirms the degree of candida infestation in the body.

Wishful story telling or "off-the wall" or quack cures simply are not useful to ANYONE! In fact, candida should be considered, as serious as, an malaria infection or any other blood disease for that matter.

Treating candida infections should be treated with respect, even great fear, if one is truly concerned with getting candida infection under control. Candida is an aggressive yeast (slime mould) that mutates over time to form steadfasts (becomes stationary) and then just gets bigger and bigger. Candida normally operates below the ground, in nature, on dead bodies. But eating processed foods and factory-made medicines has changed all that.

With today's human beings being so weak, immune-defense wise, that these grave diggers get to work started much earlier on still alive cellular masses. I call this group, the walking dead (out of the box)! Now for all you story tellers online -- is this not a little scary to you?

I am 80 percent under control of this dreadful disease, but still my body gets re-infected daily with candida spores from my saliva glands. Therefore, just like malaria victims must do, to kill the candida infection it must be done on a daily basis.

I have discussed the uses of several of the more serious herbal medicines, such as blood root. Well I have been taking daily 3 pills (450mg each) for 8 months without any ill affects of any kind! Even with this amount of blood root I am still infected with candida in the saliva glands -- remember the sugar-water jar test, it failed for me last week!

There is no story telling here, folks! No joking about with candida infections here, just hard factual test results telling me the truth! I suspect it can be killed, without killing myself in the meantime. Where are the Doctors? Doctors can not use herbals, only manufacturer-type medicines of the expensive kinds!

I have now ordered a proven malaria killing herbal (plant-parts powder) called, artemisia annua. There is much medical college work already done on this herb. Why? For this herb, itself alone, does out perform all pills manufactured claiming they kill malaria on the spot.

I plan to use this herbal powder in pill form, just as i have with blood root -- 3 per day! Why? To get useful herbal medicines right where these persistent candida colonies like to roam about: the blood steam and body-fluid tissue masses of entire body.

I will order yet another powerful herbal (root powder), called barberry. This herbal in pill form will help fortifier to Blood Root work being currently done in the digestive/urinary tract (I can prove my urinary/digestive tracts are free of candida right now). This is not a game of give and take -- candida wants to take it all -- all your body's free floating sugars, and all the stored fat cells combined. Ignore these "grave attackers" advances on living bodies could mean wearing a face just like anonymous online does -- but for real!

In conclusion, did anyone notice that I did not mention any medicinal-type protocol of any kind, no diet restrictions or colon cleanser products, or anything to do with doctors of any kind! Why did I do that?

Well, I have been personally self-testing myself -- i am the candida victim, not the doctor! All these herbal powders cost very little, and the taking of them is not posted on one doctor's website. Strange is this not!

For these herbal powders have long histories online, but no real testing results anywhere. Is that really true. It is not! These herbal are being/have been tested by numerous medical students.

Because these herbal powders have been tested and have “working information” at medical colleges, getting to them takes more effort then one word searches. And the following of doctor linked materials will get you down the rabbit hole, and the hole can go way-down deep if you go all the way!

Yep Also, the greatest rabbit hole to wonderland of the internet, and its holes (millions of them) go way--way down and down-and-down into that endless mis-information land itself -- called the pit!

So, if searching is your gig, bypass all those one word searches, instead go for "useful" 3 word searches -- to get to these experimenting youths/our pending next doctors -- yet in class -- all are fighting each other for best grade-point levels. Yep, clean guys and gales not yet contaminated with that profit and gain motive of the "professional ones!"

I need to stop doing these candida letters. They are starting to give me a nervous stomach -- pass two aspirins doctor -- doctor.

Even so, thanks much for even considering.


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