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PLEASE Try BORIC ACID for the BV Nightmare it WORKS! I shared how to make them on this thread. by Vero4167 ..... Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Date:   12/15/2013 10:34:53 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I went through years of hell because of BV, For Issues with BV Odor or Yeast, BORIC ACID is your BEST friend, after years of A LOT of research and stumbled upon this method I was a little weary at first but I read the reviews and they were all really good! Plus its been used by women for years. So I placed my order on amazon for medical grade boric acid! I tried it immediately upon arrival. I filled my capsule, and it wasn't difficult at all. I only used one and about 3 hours later I was free from odor and the discharge. I've heard of some people inserting twice a day. I have found that once a day works fine till the odor is gone, by the way Please DO NOT TAKE BY MOUTH!! I will list all the items that you need to make the suppositories, I bought them on amazon but you can buy them at your local pharmacy if they are available, just make sure to buy the MEDICAL GRADE Boric acid
1. Boric Acid Powder - 12 oz by HUMCO HOLDING GROUP, INC $14 they have several other sizes that are cheaper. This one is really popular and used by many to make the boric acid suppositories.

if you feel a bit dry after using the boric acid suppositories try making frozen coconut oil (100% organic) suppositories capsules I keep them refrigerated and insert them at night, or a Few hours after I insert the boric acid. coconut oil kills off yeast infections, so its really good and I also used it to soothe my vagina because the boric acid sometimes dries me up a bit,I used some "00" gelatin capsules to make these as well.

2. Now Foods Veg-Capsules Double "00" Empty Capsules, 250-Count , you can try filling the capsules by hand, but I find that if I use The Capsule Machine for size"00" capsules, its easier because I can fill about 20 capsules quickly. It costs about $15 but worth it, I also make my coconut oil capsules for the vagina using this machine, it get a bit messy because its liquid, but its not that bad and it makes many at one time. After im done I put all the capsules in a ziplock bag, I make about 2 batches and they last a long time.

I Tried-yeastaway and it didnt help at all, thought it would at least help with the bv odor but it didnt.. tried hydrogen peroxide douche and tea tree oil suppositories and COUNTLESS other things for YEARS but NOTHING has worked for my BV like boric acid did! PLEASE read about it online there are TONS and TONS of Good Reviews on boric acid helping BV.

By the way one thing I do that helps with the discharge and odor is that EVERY single time After Sex I douche with Povidone Iodine, and that helps keep me clean, what I do is that I buy a pack of disposable douches that comes with their generic solution and reusable applicator from my local pharmacy (like a Walgreens, Walmart etc.), dump the solution and keep the applicator, and fill it with water then I squeeze the povidone Iodine bottle once or twice in the douche..this has really helped the odor not be as strong,and has gotten rid of the discharge completely. because after sex is where my odor gets really bad. But if the next day after sex the BV smell is back I Just go back on my routine and insert the boric acid capsules/coconut oil capsules. I remember that during sex my ex husband would complain about an odor coming out of my vagina. When I met my boyfriend I had just started this routine I have no problems, he is one of those brutally honest people and even he says that he has never smelled any vaginal odor on me, so try these simple things, they do work good and there are thousands of reviews from people online that have also struggles with BV.


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