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Re: Waking up after 5 hours every single night by WoolPippi ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   12/24/2013 2:39:36 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hi, no solution sorry
but I sleep like that all my life, it is not natural and it will wreck your health.

I'm trying to figure this out and this is where I am now:
- we get the first stages of Deep Sleep under our belt. That's good.
- then something happens and the body wakes up. From a cortisol peak. It's cortisol when you are AWAKE. Alert. Contemplating getting out of bed and replastering that poece of wall. Or composing sharp lettres to a company. You are ON.
- you sometimes manage to calm the body down and get back to sleep, somewhat. This is excellent! Do as much as possible. Please tell me what you find helps with it.
- because I don't. Most nights I have to wait for the body to dissolve the cortisol. This takes 1,5 to 2 hours (halftime of cortisol).Then I get a two hour sleep, crappy sleep but sleep. Wake up groggy.
- in these second stints of (bad) sleep we experience REM.
- during Deep Sleep and especially REM the body secretes Human Growth Hormone, the big healer of things. Which is why this sleep pattern is wrecking. We won't die but we won't heal either.

For me this pattern is not related to food, diet, stress, age, bed routines, location, dark room, melatonine, the medieval sleep pattern called Segmented Sleep, whale noises etc. Tried them all. Exhaustively.

Ate age 40 I finally managed to sleep through the nights sometimes or do what you can: wake up, roll over and drift in and out.
What I found of influence is calming the nervous system (ns) down considerably. Not just a bit of meditation but life altering habits. The less peaks in cortisol (or insulin) by body experiences during the day, the bigger my changes are for restorative sleep. So I lead a very constant (and shielded) life and eat with level blood Sugar (Homo Optimum).

In my case I have these other factors weighing in: my ns is always on alert (Fight or Flight). These means lots of excitatory neurotransmitters in my body (adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol). I found out I have a dna mutation that hinders the breakdown of these hormones which keeps them in my system longer then necessary (one faulty enzyme on MAO A)
This explains my usual demeanor, my difficulty to stay out of Fight or Flight and why I lie awake for the whole two hours after the first 5h sleep.

So that's my view on this sleep pattern: the ns and its stress hormones.

What it is that causes the cortisol to rise after those five hours, I have no idea.
Does the body temp get too low? Is there normally a change when the body goes from the last Deep Sleep stage to the new cycle which my body can't handle?

I'm sorry I have no answers for you beyond my idea it has to do with the parasympathetic nervous system.

I do know that you should guard your adrenals because you are now producing two cortisol peaks a night. One for lying awake and another one for getting up. Adrenals cannot furnace that for long, support them please.

Love to hear what you find of influence for this peculiar sleep pattern.
I have found a handful of other people who experience the same. They mostly have a mutation on that MAO A enzyme too. Lots of them take sleeping pills or antihistamines (which blocks the actions of the parasympathetic nervous system. Beyond that, neither one of us have figured this out...
Best, Anna.


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