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the 11pm adrenaline rush! by pynegj ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   1/6/2014 8:30:00 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Happy new year all

I must say after many years of dealing with adrenal fatigue I sometimes think Im no further forward in recovery. Im sure this is not true but boy the last 3 weeks!!!

I have been focusing on copper / histamine / methylation primarily for 2 years now as the main causal factors of adrenaline surges. But as so often with this condition (at least with me) I forget other aspects to my recovery.
I haven't been able to get to sleep (even using calc,b6,zinc, 5htp etc) until at least 2 hours after I go to bed for months now. I had forgotten about the adrenaline surge or "2nd wind" we get if we push through tiredness and stay up late which I have done a lot of. Also my cortisol and therefore aldosterone / electrolytes become very low in the evening which is not good for getting to sleep. So Im working on these 2 things as well as copper / histamine.

However, even taking a nightime snack to support cortisol / blood Sugar and taking plenty of calcium, magnesium doesnt often work - at least not for a few hours.

I do feel fine most days with a typical sleeping pattern of 2-9am (before work) but damnn its annoying lying there in bed for hours. I have tried gentle exercise to raise cortisol which again sometimes works.

For years now not knowing if I will sleep well or not is so hard. Sometimes I want to scream. But in the day Im often ok. (Wilson says that sleeping 7-9amm is powerful for healing the adrenals).

Im sure Im recovering but sometime I have serious doubts. I blame copper, allergies etc for my adrenaline surges but maybe I am also hard wired this way? (I know Im a HSP - or highly senstive person. Please note this doesnt mean Im a cry baby, camp, or feminine as some stereotypes might assume lol - read Elaine Aaron's work for more on this. I am a typical British male who loves his sport and nights out in fact).

I guess Im theorizing that all this sleep trouble and over activity of the CNS is just a part of my nature and / or response to childhood and doesnt mean my adrenals are not healing. In other words Ive always been this way and worrying about my adrenal fatigue deepening doesnt help. I do see an improvement in overall symptoms by about 75% in recent years so Im positive.

Has anyone else found that their adrenal fatigue for them is primarily a matter of personality / sensitivity temperement and do people believe that they will always to some degree be managaing emotional / stress related symptoms to some degree instead of waiting for that far off day when the adrenals are suddenly "healed"?

P.S. I think maybe I need to take supporting supplements earlier than bed time to support my body before the adrenaline suge kicks in to counter low cortisol?? (tea time or 8pm perhaps)

Thanks all


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