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Re: Digestion extremely screwed up from antibiotics please help? by Blistering Fate ..... Probiotics, Bowel Flora, Dysbiosis

Date:   1/6/2014 11:22:37 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Hey randomgirl, I remember you. We are in a similar plight you and I! I am 22 too and have "CFS" (not really, I just have leaky gut, f***ed up hormones and psico-quimic flaws).

My family also talks shit and treat me badly because of this illness they refuse to acknowledge as real... because doctors deny it exists. I have also been near to being caged in a psych ward but not yet. My mother is the worst of them all. I have actually lost my love for her after all of this.

You have "psychological" (psico-quimic) issues on top of the physical ones. Accept it. You had anorexia, you were born with screwed neurotransmitters and the like. I also have mental issues that in fact started all the physical dysfunctions I now withstand. Now that I accept that I am investigating natural antidepressants. I bought Hypericum.

Research leaky gut. It is key. Also I know a guy in phoenix rising with Lyme that has intestinal inflammation, his doc says that Lyme causes the leaky gut. You might want to log in and talk with him. He is nicknamed "Thinktank".

It sounds like those Antibiotics are not helping. Look, curezone is not the best place. I like the forum but is pretty useless for certain things not to mention all the useless and dangerous advice. Go to a lyme/CFS board, especially lyme for what you have. You have to find out if it is normal to feel how you do and it is helping at all or not. Talk to people who have been tested positive for Lyme and are passing/have passed the treatment.

For intestinal inflammation I have found that Y.S. Propolis 6 capsules minimum works well. It is pretty obvious you need probiotics as well, you already needed them before these Antibiotics . Jarrow EPS and Primal Defense are good, but brands like Custom or Klaire are also effective.

PD: STOP doing coffee enemas frequently or even at all! They worsen colonic and intestinal inflammation (you have those). Trust me, I did enemas like a mad man for half a year thanks to my desperation and the ill advice here. My take on them is that maybe doing one a couple of times per year could be OK, because they really detox.

Studies on coffee enemas and colitis:


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