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Re: VIDEO of the Cottonballs With Legs UNDER SCOPE. by Ten1988 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   1/7/2014 2:45:47 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I myself, am wonder....what do these things START out as?

They definitely werent just all of the sudden these things..

Thats where the lyme theory comes in...

The certain borrelia colonize and grow in the GI, reaching this stage after a long period of infecting the human host.

Or, the organism is some type of nematode or filarial co-infection, that works symbiotically with the bacteria.

If it is in fact the 2nd one, it is unknown to Science at this time.

It is known, to many many people who expell them though.

When I killed mine off, I got a very bad reaction. Very ill, Herx reaction. Lasted about 12 hours, then I passed those organisms in my stool.

They were all just floating. There wasn't even any stool, because the day I killed them with my Citrus Recipe, I didnt eat ANYTHING but the drink I made to kill them and applesauce later in the evening.

Something to do with the peels of the citrus fruit is what killed these. I used Orange, Lemon, and Lime peel, and fresh ginger with Sea Salt and raw organic honey.

When you eat something that is hard to digest by the body or that youre not used to digesting, it takes an effect on these things.

Now, my recipe killed these things in ONE night.'s protocol says it took about 8 weeks before they saw these in the toilet.

I'm going to stick with mine!

I'm actually going to make this drink again soon, I will video how I make it, and also video tape the results.


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