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Re: Skin WAY worse after 3rd liverflush by SmollMermaid ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   1/8/2014 7:53:44 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Well, i'll point out things that i would say are mandatory for you.
First of all stop any (prescribed) medication from the pharmacy. Many of those might be very irritating for your gut. The food you're eating sounds good, but you can improve it by adding lots of chia, flax, hemp seeds daily (you really need that soothing fibre). Perhaps you can also add psyllium husk shakes or whatever to your daily regimen too, since you're suffering constipation. Avoid all sweet fruits and eat starchy veggies only occasionally. You also need to eat coconut oil, by the spoonful (fermented coconut fat is the best option). Specifically for your skin and candida/fungus it could do a lot - it contains a fatty acid which kills fungus and candida. Next to that you can ingest a herb daily, long term - standardised olive leaf extract - powerful anti-fungal, anti-viral etc. Doing parasite cleanses is a must - the black wallnut hull, Wormwood and clove complex should do, although you can probably take it further with even better results.
I think the best probiotic would come from a natural source, like kefir grains, cultured in goat milk; home-made cultured veggies should also be of high interest to you.
You also need to start healing your gut, it must be in very poor condition judging by your post, do you have food allergies ? Proteins from egg whites and animal gelatin/collagen, predigested with high potency bromelain powder should do wonders, unless you're allergic to the egg whites protein, in which case you should look for predigested whitefish protein and aloe vera; you must combine any of those with a high quality colostrum.
Drink quality water (not tap), preferably spring if you have access to it, or filtered with added natural salts to it for the minerals.

I personally was on birth control for 3 years and didn't have periods for many months, close to a year, most of them had to be hormone drug-induced again, which is a terrible mistake. Your liver and hormone production are most certainly out of whack, what i did was i stopped all drugs, improved my diet a lot and added natural sources of omega-3's - cod liver oil and the flax, borage, primrose oil blend, which is supposed to be really helpful with hormones (also added most of the stuff i mentioned above). I also got a natural source of magnesium (citrate), which also plays a big role in hormone balance, and is a great substitute of Epsom Salts for the liver flushes.
I now get regular periods - every month, they're definitely not perfect - every 33-34 days maybe, not 28 - but i'm happy i have them, and i know i'm still adjusting, and have a long way to go, but i've seen some good results and most of them must certainly be helped by the things i've started changing and doing.

Definitely continue doing the flushes since stones and congested bile are coming out, but do water enemas along with coffee enemas prior to ingesting the citrus + olive oil mixture and finish with water enemas the next day, it is important.

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