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Date:   1/23/2014 8:04:43 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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It sounds like the herbs really did a number on you, its pretty common unfortunately, we are so desperate to find a cure, we try anything an 'ND' suggests...It will iron back out on its own, but it might take a while, but accept that it may, and try not to stress

Yeah a doctor will want to give you benzos, the worst thing in the world. Some docs are a little more knowledgeable, hence why a beta blocker was suggested, and I must say, even at a low dose, its very helpful, but it may take a few weeks to kick in.

One thing you could try is just to spend a few days completely in bed with no stimulation, just some light music, meditation, light stretching...try to stay away from the world, it will naturally calm your system down and you might find it helps reset the sleep pattern (but dont think that Ambien will do it, it wont, ive been down that path myself). Make sure you are eating every two hours throughout the day as well, stay off all the fruit, carbs etc, keep that blood Sugar level. I find avocados with coconut oil before bed and immediately when i wake up in the night sorts me out quickly.

Doctors sometimes also prescribe melatonin with beta blockers, i find the liquid drops are the best

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