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Re: What can one do about Long term Chlorine poisoning by Ginagirl ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   2/16/2014 3:17:40 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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About the beta cells, mycotoxin, mold etc.

"A recent Japanese study suggests that fungal
mold toxins have the ability to signal the beta cells
in the pancreas to shut them off by killing them.12"
"Fungi are found in foods that we eat every day.[10] Our primary concern is the long-term effects of ingesting food contaminated with low levels of mycotoxins," and that carcinogenic toxins, such as aflatoxin, a by-product of the Aspergillus molds, is a "common contaminant of peanuts, soybeans, grains and cassava. It’s a "frequent contaminant of wheat and corn." Without a properly-functioning immune system, we’re at risk of succumbing to various infectious and chronic diseases. Fungi invade our grain food supply because grains-a source of carbohydrates-are their favorite food.
Fungi are parasites whose mission is to invade a larger host.
Given a chance they will alter our body chemistries to suit their needs.
In their refutation of the theory of autoimmunity Kaufman and Holland[11] explain that in Type 1 diabetes it is entirely plausible that invading fungi have altered beta cells, remained undetected, yet set off the body’s immune defense system, which is unable to destroy the offending fungi allowing them to continue to invade other beta cells and progressively lead to total destruction and a complete lack of insulin. The extremely manipulative ways that fungi work to ensure their own food supply is highly characteristic of their nature."

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