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Frustration, denial? by pynegj ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   2/21/2014 6:04:24 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hi all,

Since the new year histamine / toxicity symtptoms bad. Sleep well 1 in 3 nights otherwise unrefreshing sleep.
Successful liver cleanse though Monday and no alcohol virtually this year.

BUT get so frustrated at times. I have had the same pattern of symptoms now for 5 years. I have too many relapses and Im tired of not knowing if I will sleep well or not.

Histamine seems to be the main issue - i now realize symptoms come on in a delayed fashion which explains why I sleep well the night I eat Indian food and have a couple of drinks but then not the day after. Also I am still 'paying' for the christmas period now 7 weeks on.

I get tired of going round in circles concerning myself over histamine, allergens, copper, methylation, leaky gut, my liver & adrenals.

I am a fairly long term poster and don't like too be less than positive but I wanted to share with posters who understand. Most of my friends and family dont even know about my decade long fight with my health problems.

I know it is in my hands and perhaps to remain consistenly well I have to change some lifestyle factors long term. Christmas with its drinking alcohol and eating certain foods massively raises my histamine levels I believe and sets me back hugely.

Has anyone else foind that to get well and not just spend years keeping symptoms at bay they've had to make big, permanent changes? When I feel better I think I can eat more histamine foods and drink alcohol (Im not a big drinker although do have big nights out once month on average)but then a week or two later BANG!

Do I just have to give up cows milk products, red meats, alcohol (bar the odd drink) permanently instead of a few weeks here and there? Perhaps I do because I am in the same boat pretty much as I was 5 years back despite much more knowledge about my body, dietary changes, 5 Liver Cleanses (need more yes) and low copper/histamine (generally diet)

I hope I dont sound too moany! (I will be back on form soon)


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