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Re: Nutritional Balancing, the good, the bad, and what has worked??? by 1whitehorse1 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   2/22/2014 3:10:33 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hi Anatomydoll,

I appreciate your detailed post. I started the balancing protocol beginning of January 2014 with Josephine from Natural Health Protocol in B.C. I live in Ontario so we communicate via email and phone. So far, I am taking all the supplements she recommended, however I only take 1x paramin (calcium) and 1x limcomin (copper and other minerals) and I now take only 3x renamide, after taking 6x for 1.5 months, and am taking only 6x GB3 instead of the recommended 9x. There are ranges that you can dose within, and I find that this is what I believe my body tolerates best.

I am following the diet, substituting my regular oats consumption with quinoa, and eating the sardines, meats, eggs, etc, with lots of veggies. Avoiding avocado, nuts, seeds and dark chocolate (used to eat this a lot...darnit, if I only knew). I've been gluten free for 10 years now, so that's working in my favour. I follow a gluten free diet 100%. I do sometimes cheat, and have something tasty that's not on the diet (but always gluten free) maybe once a week, otherwise I'd get really bored with my food :) But I never pig out on just don't feel good afterward!

I am doing the coffee enemas, and i'm really happy that I got over the stigma of doing these, LOL. It seems odd to inject coffee in your butt, but, once you get over that, I at least feel they do help. I try to do two every weekend, and once every day or every other day during the week...depends on how busy I am. They do take 30 minutes of my day - 15 to administer, and 15 to clean up. It takes about 30 mins to boil and simmer the water, but I do stuff during that time.

I have ordered a near infrared sauna (6 bulbs in two standing towers), and I'll need to build a reflective shell that is portable and collapsible. I ordered through Long Life Saunas in USA. I will use this once I get it.

I'm into the program 7 weeks now, and I have noticed some odd mouth sores, lower back stiffness, stomach irritation, and so I scaled back the renamide to 3x and am holding steady with the GB3 at 6x. I'm guessing this is my detox phase when things are really happening and shifting around.

I wasn't able to tolerate the TMG, I got terrible migraine headaches and anxiety. I was taking 400mg of SAMe long before this and it works similarly, but is more expensive (booo) and this helps with methylation and with my mood.

I came on here to see what people were saying about their side effects or reactions to the program, and turns out I'm no different I guess...I'm not having anything really bad that I can't deal with. I do feel like my body is steadying, and I have more energy than I did before I started the program, which is great.

I think the next several months might be a little tough to deal with, but I'm going to stick it out and I am curious to know what my next hair test will read. I was high for copper at 7, high in calcium at 120, and low in sodium at 1 and like zero potassium. So any movement in those three will be great.


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