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Peace in your place by krupaclassy ..... Christianity Debate

Date:   2/24/2014 11:19:32 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Reading or hearing most sermons, even the ten commandments can make folks (even me) come away with a question of so I know what not to do, but what do I do?

Jesus was into practical daily thing to do. You never read of a prophet of the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures) going back into the Temple, unless they were rebuilding it (Nehemiah and Ezra). God Came down from On High to spend time with Adam and Eve. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. We are supposed to be in the same place, or to be more specific, a better place where we can be with God at all times. Jeremiah 17:12 A Glorious High Trhone from the beginning is the Place of our Sanctuary. Paul says to "come boldly unto the Throne of Grace" in Hebrews 4:16. Again in Rev. 3:21, another call to the overcomers.

We can get bogged down with the call to "be perfect as the Father in Heaven is perfect", but none speak of the how to do that. Lists are made up (I have seen the one for the Jehovas' Witnesses "don't come in until you have cleaned up these thing in your living" list, it is extensive).

So how does one get to their place, and occupy it? I had to start by asking God "How do I Glorify You?" I came up with no answers. A whole life (40 + years) of Gospel messages and church attendance. So my wife and I started reading the Scriptures (from cover to cover) many times over. He is speaking to us, He is speaking for our benefit, but He is also SPEAKING ABOUT US. Soon after this revelation, God had me in a place of mind rest (sanding a sheetrock wall for painting), and He hit me with knowledge that I was burning to write down. It took three days to get it all out. Everything was there, the what, how and who to bring the knowledge of health to the television screen. I am not in any way connected to the visual or entertainment arts. Why me? I asked how I could Glorify my Father in Heaven, and He responded by Speaking to me directly, right where I was, right how I was. I fHe would do that for me, a sinner, why not all the rest of the promises about me in the Bible that spoke about His desire that I know Him and be with Him? I had to get over myself and get on His program and plan for me, so I could be used in His plan of Kingdom building while here on Earth.

He wants us right there with Him, His Son paid the price for our access, His Spirit is searching the Earth for the ones ready to accept a higher calling, TAKE ADVANTAGE!


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