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Date:   3/11/2014 10:57:10 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Hey, everybody

I will give this testimonial because I feel it is my responsability as a person that suffered a lot. Well, since a kid I had bronchitis and allergies problems, but I was happy, not major complains. Getting older I always had tonsilities and took Antibiotics for things like that, colds, throat, ... I may mention that I already remove my appendixe too.

Well, I was getting shy and nervous with social situations, anxiety and depressed as I get older, but I thought it was normal and I had no idea what was going on. The situation started to get progressivly worst. Tonsilities every other month, lots of anxiety, dandruff, lost of libido, feeling weak and toxic. Finally i develop shakes, white tongue and always feeling with "hang over". I couldnt function normally anymore and was extremely hard for me to live with normal situations.

So, in my desperate attempt to solve this, I tried doctors and thought i was crazy. So, internet was my solution, i started to research and reading as much as i could about chronic disease, candida, ....

I started to use urine therapy, coconut oil, intermittent fasting and diet that wasnt candida diet but no process food or dairy...

Within some days my white tongue started to become pink again so i continued, the diarrea came and after i felt constipasted, so i started enemas and noted that i saw white things like mucus, strings, ... One day i noted what people here on curezone call cotton balls with legs, the bowel was full of them, a lot, the quantity was unbelievable, i saw them everyday in my bowel moviments. I persist and persist. Was a difficult process, I was feeling very bad but i manage to continue and stick with it... Months passed (actually almost 5). That balls, roots, fungus or whatever they are didny stoo coming. One day i decides was enough and i could actually feel there arent manh of them anymore. So i stopped and started to eat more, give in to craves, eat carbs... After some months the inflammation got down and i finally started to feel whole again, feel strong, the libido came back and i was happy, energized, CURED.

I waited some months to see if that would last and i can say: i feel like a normal person. Actually better because all this was my wake up call, now i am in a better diet, i dont judge people anymore and i know how to take care lf myself. So, now i already cheated many times eating ice cream, pizza, ... But i dont feel bad, not even close to bad. Dont understand me wrong, i dont eat this kind of food on regular basis, i dont miss it, i just dont eat because i feel without them i am better than i am with them, but not because of sickness, just because i feel more alerted, focus and well i found my foods pretty tastefull. I follow a modified paleo diet. Not strict, i listen to my body and eating what i want. Love eggs, potatoes, white rice, butter with no casein, ...

Anyway, this is a short post that dont tell 1% of the processed i passed, but my idea of doing that was to give a direction and a idea of what i did. If any of you guys want, just pm me and when i can i will answer. Sorry if my english is bad or something or missed some detail, i am doing this really fast. I got my life back and proud to say i am not house bound anymore. I can live!!!! I never thought a person could be this happy, our gut impacts everything, even the way in love, i can demonstrate my feelings now, the way i love...

Guys, my message is, DONT GIVE UP!!!

And people that are using the salt vit c protocol are seeing the same stufff i saw, the cotton balls with legs.

Check them on the curezone images, there are tons of pictures of them.

Bye, everyone.

Ps: I always note when anyone posts a testimonial, a lot of naysayers appers and day negative stuff, i will not answer this, i am just telling MY experience. I know we are all different and maybe what worked for me dont work for you, but the essence is the same.


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