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Re: Health blogger another low-carb Faileo victim by saywhatagain ..... Paleo Diet Debate Forum

Date:   3/14/2014 11:03:41 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I not quite sure of your view on paleo diets because this post seems like you think they are good and then you have another post below that seems to say you don't think they are so great. At any rate, one of the problems with the supposed 'paleo diet' is that there are so many different opinions even among the paleo folks. It is no mystery why they can't all agree to one specific paleo diet, BECAUSE THERE IS NO PALEO DIET. We don't have adequate archeological evidence to know with 100% certainty exactly what paleolithic humans ate. All we know for sure is that a good many of them were hunter/gatherers, but anyone who claims to know specifically what they were hunting and gathering and in what ratios is just making up facts to support what they think is the best diet. Most paleo diets seem to have the same things in common, eliminate grains from the diet as well as starchy fruits and vegetables. I can understand eliminating grains, as these likely didn't form a large part of a paleolithic human diet (although there is recent archeological evidence showing that even some paleo humans absolutely did consume certain ancient grains), but eliminating starchy fruits and vegetables makes absolutely no logic or agricultural sense. What possible reason would ancient hunter/gatherers have to avoid starchy fruits and vegetables? If anything, they would search these types of foods out whenever possible to provide much-needed calorie-rich nutrition.

The real problem with the modern diet is not the carbohydrates, it is the unnatural food in our diets. Our foods are bred to be more sweet and less nutritious; then they are further processed and refined until they are void of any nutritional content. Carbohydrates are not the problem, unnatural food is the problem. We need more fruit in our diet (including those with a lot of sugars), not less, but they should be heritage varieties that provide maximum nutrition that are not just purely sweet but with bitter and astringent tastes to balance the sweetness. So in that sense, maybe I am a paleo supporter myself. I will come out with my own website and say I have the proper paleo diet and you can eat anything as long as it is an ancient heritage variety. Then I can make my millions like all the rest, lol.

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