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It was not cost-effective up to now by White Shark ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   3/23/2014 5:40:24 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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How many people are running for the cure of TMAU?

How many non-profit organisations are collecting money for curing TMAU?

How many people do you personally know who are diagnosed with TMAU?

Developing medicine or a medical treatment is a business.
Like any business, in order for someone to invest money in it, it has to be cost-effective.

In case of diabetes I, there is a large number of pharmaceutical companies producing all kinds of insulin. Why?
cause it is cost-effective.

They invest tens of millions of dollars, or even hundreds of millions of dollars in research cause there are hundreds of millions of potential customers, and the numeber is actually growing exponentially.

If you are diabetic, you kids have higher chances of developing diabetes, that is why the number is growing, not to mention overconsumption of sugar, epidemic of obesity, seddentary lifetyle thanks to TV, computers, and Cars etc.

Another reason: if you have diabetes I and you don't get insulin, you die.

If you have TMAU; and you don't get the enzyme, you don't die, you just smell.

So, people with diabetes are the perfect customers. If you develop a perfect product, better than any product developed by your competition, you know you are going to have customers, and you know you are going to make money.

Same with Cancer. People with Cancer are the perfect customers. If they don't buy the product (cancer treatment), they die. They actually die even if they do buy the product, but that is another story. They are made to believe that the product will cure them or at least extend life.

So, average cancer patient spends more then $ 150,000 on cancer treatments. That makes it cost effective to invest a lot of billions into research.

But, would you spend $ 150,000 on something that just might cure your TMAU, just might make you smell less?

How many people would be ready to spend so much money on something that just might work for 30% of those who receive treatment?

Nobody in Africa, or a big part of Asia, for sure would be ready to spend so much money, cause majority of people on those continents can only dream of having $ 150,000.

That is exacty what cancer patients in America and Europe do. They spend on average $ 150,000 on cancer treatments, treatments that in some cases may only prolong life a few months or not even so long.

If you develop enzyme for TMAU, it is not for sure every single TMAU patient will use it. After all, majority of people with TMAU aren't even diagnosed, and aren't even aware of having a diagnosis for their problem.

So, it is just business, nothing personal.

Come back to this forum when you have $ 150,000 for wasting and say:
"I have $ 150,000 and I am willing to pay $ 150,000 to anyone who might cure me, and maybe someone comes along and says: give me your money, I might have a cure and I might be able to cure you." And you can just waste your money.

How many people are running for the cure of TMAU?



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