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Re: Candida or Not...that is the question by MaisondeAlbicans ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/12/2014 7:17:51 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Welcome to the club dude, i've had this biz my whole life and still dealing with it at 28yrs of age, I have an a4 page of symptoms cured in my body as wide ranging as heartburn, white tongue, red spots, stabbing pains in stomach and Arthritis to GI bleeding, if you take the time to check my previous posts you will see some of the state this can put you in so be sure to get rid of this asap, commit to it whatever it takes or this stuff will eat you alive for real dude. My a4 page of ills that cost every penny, my job and my happiness all proven and still prove to be caused by candida and cureable by definite will/refusal to give up.

All failed to be treated by conventional doctors yet even so conventional docs/ doctors techs and pharma companies made their money from me. I went through my Conspiracy theory days like ten years back. On the medical front I worked in that system, it is no longer a Conspiracy it is fact that the medical industry is one of the biggest cons ever constructed. Those involved who do not know, need to take the time to find out and help find the better way. We may get true cures soon enough as companies are starting to copyright plants and herbs... This is a travesty that our legal/lawful systems have become so b*stardised that a natural living plants can be 'owned' by a corporate body/legal fiction and sold only with their permission... On the other hand at least soon enough real cures will be given for all disease even though what was once free will then be controlled and labour heavily for. Big business makes us subject to a lifestyle that feeds and nurtures candida and keeps us all in our un-natural state of being, clogged up head, living like slaves.

Currently I only have slightly white tongue with reddish spots on the sides (research chinese medicine for theories on tongue spots, sides are stressed liver), I have to take extra special care to keep my junk in order and have pains in stomach/certain digestive issues.

Of the hundreds of treatments tried, thousands verging on tens of thousands spent, and years given (literally) to sorting this out only recently have I had a herx and I can confirm it was from using 2 cloves of raw garlic per day, blended into 100ml-200ml water with a tsp of Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate).. Feel free to add raw ginger also and be prepared, this is possibly the nastiest potion you will ever throw down your neck.. You will feel nasty also, like really nasty whilst the fungus reacts to you killing it.. Do not give in, you must get rid of this as soon as possible, do not give up. Seriously read my posts to see what this candida can do to your life, do the garlic potion religiously till your tongue is clear white. Lemons, lemons, lemons, may speed things up. 4 week master cleanse is closest I have ever been to a perfectly clean tongue and closest to being candida free no matter what any experts may think or say otherwise, it can cleanse the body enough to rid candida but only if you have plenty of weight available to lose. 10 years back I was 250lbs+, recently after lots of time and effort dealing with candida (and when starting master cleanse) I was hovering around 172lbs+... In 4 weeks of master cleanse i'd dropped to almost 140lbs and looked so ill I was scared half to death! Despite seeming so close to ridding candida I needed to return to solid foods and find other ways.

I've eaten ridiculous amounts of garlic to sort this problem throughout the years to no avail but hardly ever, if ever raw.

Although i'm hitting it hard with a number of remedies the herxheimer reaction (my first herx ever after 28yrs of super mutated xmen genetic candida) came around the same day I started with this same potion I suggest to you. No coincidence i'd suggest.

I repeat, you will stink, it will taste absolutely vile, you will feel so nasty and rough for anything from a few days to a few months. However, you must make the sacrifice and commit to doing the potion every day, do whatever it takes to rid this before it takes a hold man it seriously reuined my life. Do not let it do the same to you, do not take it light hearted like many other (including myself) do. I was always admired for having such a chill attitude, anything goes, thats no problem, cool... This is the one thing I should have started on as soon as the fluconazole failed at 18 years of age, i'd had it from birth however as a child I was totally oblivious to asthma/water infections/need for steroids and Antibiotics etc. and just did as parents/doctor said... At 18 my first long term GF thought her starting the pill had given her thrush, I did too, got the fluconaole and thought little else of it... I could feel that whatever had changed in my body though had not gone from this 'treatment' but I lived with it until through early twenties it really began to take a hold. I can only wish I had my 28 year old brain at 8 years old when poor health began... I can only wish at 18 i'd been driven enough to dig as deep as I have today... Now i'm 28 and only just starting to get rid of this. Start today, do not settle until you know it is gone.

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