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Re: day 19 - High body temperature, feel cold. Lots of thick green mucus, difficult to bring up. No parasites but suspect candida on the run. by MaisondeAlbicans ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   4/13/2014 1:43:21 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Haha clearing the lungs and clearing emotions.. Whoooo said that??? What emotions :)

Strange with the friends not wanting to hear about what could be going on inside them, are they them or are they the worms!? I do wonder from time to time..

Upon mentioning the parasite cleanse to one of my oldest friends said are you sure it's not just the paranoia as though i'm insane or something, ohhh if only that boy knew.. Maybe better oblivious unless problems arise though ey!?

Hazaa, great news on the food allergies, i'm really hoping to start assimilating proteins/meats properly again, troubles digesting meat have been a big part of this diet requiring tailoring and I believe a big factor in me losing so much weight brief and painful episode of chronsesque symptoms then 1 and a half year vegetarian!

Did me a favour in a way, discovered so many awesome foods, culinary skills are fun to exercise too. Now reintroducing meats also, still sticking with fresh ingredients, gluten free, no refined carbs/sugars however. Everytings shifting through, even meat digestion seems to have improved a little, the wiggle remaining is a biiiiig disappointment though :/

Wiggles and shooting pains must go, it's those pains and sensations that bust my nuts, every time there is a twinge it's like 'why am I bothering?'

Gulgitha, i've heard of flukes, ascaris bt never gulgitha?? :P jkjk I gotcha

I meant mucus from the chest,

I cut right back on huma cleanse tbh once i'd suspected suspect worms are actually mucous created by psyllium, used maybe a third of recommended dose.

As for HW w/candida no final verdict fro this side of fence yet, HW PC I can almost confirm (in this case) has not even chipped into candida... Maybe HW CC will do so.

I will be settling to a life of candida if HW CC does not work, i've done more than enough to get on top of candida. I'll just hold my hands up and say fine have me, whats the value living in a world of epedemic yeast and it's 101 misdiagnosed biproducts, corporate greed, malnourished food, too many useless mouths to feed and not enough decent jobs. Here candida i'll stop the pulse you come do the cleanup work... I'm already $250 lighter on herbs, $40 to my name, these herbs dnt work i'm laying down to die f**k it. Glad to hear you've felt a benefit from them though, an element of mind also comes into play for sure, each individual outcome I believe to be largely dependat up on state of being.. To be quite frank i'm f*cked, almost like the red faced mans fat one is ready for a dip 24/7 in my world, can be hard to shake that stgma at times!!

Tried oil pulling albeit for a week or two, maybe a little extra persistence is key on that one! Thanks very much for your kind suggestions again Brandy

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