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Re: Lab Results 6 months on iodine : O M G by Ferventer ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   4/28/2014 7:23:56 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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few things to consider. Blood work values while you are in transition from ill to healing to well will often be very skewed.

Seeing your TSH drop is likely an indication you body is once again properly making thyroid hormones.

Cholesterol values are by and large meaningless and a slightly elevated value of 214 is far from the end of the world. Cholesterol is essential for the creation of many hormones. Cholesterol is also used by the body to shore up damaged arteries when proper collagen synthesis cant be achieved due to lack of vit C. If you are taking vit C, especially in larger doses (ie>5g daily) and combined with lysine your cholesterol levels can increase as the damaged arterial walls get properly repaired and the cholesterol is freed from the arterial walls. This is a temporary change that takes place and as the arteries heal and the cholesterol if freed up and metabolized your levels should return to normal. Additionally the leading cause fof high cholesterol levels is a high carb diet.

As far as kidney/liver values go many vitamins/minerals help detox the body, they dint to toxins and are filtered out of the body via the liver and kidneys. Once again this should be a transitory condition as you purge toxins.

My guess would be your high carb vegan diet is not doing you any favors. I can respect if you dont eat meat for philosophical but dont but if you are doing it because you think its healthier for you you are fooling yourself. Many vitamins (B12 for example) has no plant sources. As a matter of fact I would bet many of your hypothyroid symptoms you are currently facing are not due to your thyroid at all but a stunted methylation cycle due to lack of B vitamins, especially those only attainable from meat.

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