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Update on me and my family :) by Kristina21 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   4/30/2014 4:34:06 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hi! I was thinking it's been awhile and I wanted to post an update.
First, I have been on Iodine for about 9months. Current regular dose is 10 drops Lugols 5% with 3 drops SSKI 2% 5 days a week.
Huge Improvements:
Hair loss stopped, lots of new growth, hair a lot thicker!
Better digestion which includes a daily BM that is perfect color and shape--- sorry TMI :) I had chronic constipation for at least 10years and thought pebbles were normal.
Less food sensitivities - vegetables were hard to consume without breaking me out and now only tomatoes & peppers slightly irritate me.
No anxiety and depression!!!! Yay!!! I had 2 miscarriages almost 2 years ago And had it bad!!! I am happy and motivated! That's been in the last 3 months.
Normal periods, after my miscarriages my periods were 1-2 days on light bleeding and small clots. Now it's 4 days with no clots. Breast tenderness a lot better.
I can tan!!!! I used to not burn or tan at all. I worked outside and had a dramatic tan line.
Eyes are white
I sleep and dream all not, no more insomnia. I am tired at 9:30 and ready to get up at 7am feeling well rested.
I can gain weight. I was stuck at 105 couldn't gain a pound now weight 115lbs!!!
So! That's me I do notice a more alkaline diet helps boost the positive changes but really the main thing I stick to is the Iodine protocol.

My husband is on the same dose daily since March. He has taken Iodine off and on since Oct 2013 but daily is key for him. He dealt with prostate and testicle pain since he was 17, he's 27. It is completely gone! He can sneeze and not have a bolt of pain! He will admit it was the Iodine completely.

My 2 year old who we adopted has been on 1 drop of SSKI for 4mos. He gets really cranky with a bad runny nose on days he gets it so I only give it go him 3 days a week. He was drug exposed in the womb(not by me! ) so I think he's more toxic than your typical 2 year old. We deal with a lot of fungal issues with him. I am worried to overwhelm his system plus don't know how to make sure he gets his selenium, he doesn't care for Brazil nuts. He hasn't had the progress but I am going at it slow (advice welcome)

Sorry that was long just trying to be helpful!!!


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