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Re: Flukes, intestinal and/or liver by mermaid21 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/7/2014 2:19:38 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Thank you for your reply! And yes, it's been quite an undertaking, I have to say! I appreciate the information regarding Dr. Amin's lab in Arizona, which I had not heard about. The problem, again, is that you have to have the results submitted to a healthcare provider and not to yourself, which is ridiculous, in my opinion, as most of us who have been on this site are much more aware of most doctors, etc.. Is this what happened in your case?

I just submitted an email to them stating this..
"I am an independent RN (true) and would like to be listed as the Healthcare Practitioner on this form, in which the specimen that will be submitted is that of my own. Prior to ordering this, I wanted to make this request and would appreciate hearing back from you. I have saved specimens in ethyl alcohol as shown in the photo above and realize that you have your own collection kit. I am very familiar with this topic after having done much of my own research.

Please advise."

I will be happy to let you know what they tell me. If they allow this, maybe I have created myself a part time job! :-) At any rate, I'll keep you posted. Thank you for that info.

Yes, you are right about not screening blood products for parasites.. bad thing! I had not stopped to think about that yet, as I guess I'm still in shock about my own, but what you said makes perfect sense about blood products that are contaminated causing illness in those receiving a blood transfusion! Very smart! No, as to my own surgeries, they were outpatient and did not require blood.

And yes, you are right about how we now import so many fruits and veggies that use human/animal waste. I was just thinking about that during a trip yesterday to Home Depot to get a couple of garden products and noting the manure used for composting. Never again!! Of course, the country from which lots of our produce is imparted from may have a much larger proportion of endemic parasites, but it's still not like we are at all immune here and seems to becoming more and more of an issue, though still so hush-hush!

I have lately been washing everything with a commercial veggie/fruit wash, then rinsing it and still putting the veggies into boiling water a few seconds even before cooking. But I will look into the doing the peroxide water soak, which makes sense. I am more comfortable personally with hydrogen peroxide than with bleach. And the same goes for peroxide for medical purposes instead of rubbing alcohol, which interestingly, as I'm sure you know, Dr. Hulda Clark states causes cancer in the liver. That I am not sure about, but pretty much the rest of what I've read that she's written makes sense to me in medical terms.

And yes, you are right, all it takes is one snail. That thought makes it kind of scary for me lately to think about eating out at all, especially with raw veggies, gee.. even lettuce and tomato on the all American hamburger!

Again, thanks so much for writing! :-)

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