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Lab Results 4 months after supplementing with iodine. by Professor Terguson ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   5/7/2014 4:23:52 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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So no real great changes except for my TSH level rose from 11.32 to 48.68

so naturally my doctor was quick to want to medicate..

So i had to explain that my metabolism feels higher now than months ago when i had the lower TSH reading.. (I had to reiterate this to her a second time because she gave me the spiel on how no organs would function at such an abysmally slow metabolism)

Im never cold in the morning now
I sweat much better
my eyes are never dry anymore..

So as far as Im concerned my glands are starting to wake up properly and function.

But to allay her fears I asked if we could do a T3 and T4 test to see what they were and she looked a little shocked that I would even know what T3 and T4 were...

So I go back in 2 months for a new test for TSH, T3, and T4 so we have a baseline to work with... After which Ill go again so many months later to compare...

Other test highlights were I was low in Vitamin D with a level of 21.2 (IMO the vitamin/mineral levels are much more important than all that other mumbo jumbo)

My cholesterol rose slightly from 180 to 194
LDL went from 116 to 124

a couple liver functions showed below range..
LD which went from 151 to 133
GGTP which went from 12 to 8.

Neither low number was she concerned about at all..

Her main concern as always is that the high TSH means super slow metabolism and that me having a slower metabolism equates with a whole host of future medical problems.

Any and all comments are appreciated...

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