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How I got rid of pinworms 2014 by #185681 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/13/2014 10:41:56 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I found out I had pinworms and I've got rid of them.

Here's how I did it.

I immediately cut out ALL sugars and carbs from my diet. Replaced tea with Peppermint tea. No other drinks except water. I didn't eat bread, pasta but I did buy some Riveta's (a tiny cheat on carbs) and had one or two a day smothered with hummous and sliced tomato with basil (yum).

I also cut out ALL meat and dairy products as this also feeds the blighters.

I basically bought garlic, onions, peppers, pumpkin seeds, lemons, rocket leaves, lettuce, tomatoes etc. and I made salads every day! I lived on salads. If you dry roast the pumpkin seeds in a frying pan they make the salad very tasty. I also added runny honey to my dressing with fresh lemon and some balsamic vinegar and some raisens.

I started my day slicing a fresh pineapple and cutting into squares. I would eat lots of pineapple in the morning and then chop up two garlic cloves into pieces and swallowed each piece with water (like a tablet) as I struggle eating alot of garlic, this was a great way to get two cloves down me. (It didn't make me smell bad either) - I did buy odourless garlic, but I dont think its anywhere near as good as the real thing and stopped taking it. I believe the constant real garlic is what has really made my stomach/intestines a hostile environment for the critters and killed them off.

I also bought some Acidophilus, I take two a day, both at night before bed or in the morning. This also helps to make your body hostile for critters and restore good bacteria.

I made a tomato soup with plum tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil and blended it all up, i added loads of ceyan pepper! It was a hot soup but It really was delicious and I think it helped alot.

I also made a vegetable korma with natural yogurt (the one day I did have dairy - but good yogurt as it contains acidophilus too) I basically added a spoonful or two of korma paste to a pot of yogurt and added runny hunny, then i chopped up all kinds of veg and added to the pan. It tasted like something from the indian, and again very good and healthy!

I have also just bought Food Grade DE, Which I believe will keep the critters gone for good. It is very good for the body, and slices them up by physical action not chemical actioin, so they are never immune to it!! I plan to continue eating very healthy (ive also lost alot of weight which is very encouraging) and only have the odd treat here and there instead of every week as I was!

I started of by taking mebanazole (ovex) but three days later i saw a live worm, I knew it was time to go hardcore on the garlic and pineapple - EVERY DAY. I took my second Mebanazole one week later ( I couldnt stand to wait for them to rehatch) and again the following week. I basically bought a family pack with four tablets and took one every week.

I also put clove oil around my bottom in the mornings after showers incase any eggs were there, I didnt want to do it at night incase it caused a retro infection. after applying the clove oil it burned alot, so i added canestan cream to it (thrush cream) it instantly stops the burning.

I have stopped feeling any sensations at night, my bottom used to have a wierd smell even after showers, and that has gone too. I really think they have gone.

I'm continuing with my diet for a good three months or so, and the Food Grade DE.

I hope you manage to get rid of yours.

If anything I can say I feel was the most help was - Changing my diet and eliminating all Sugar and carbs, AND GARLIC GARLIC GARLIC, two or three cloves a day, chopped up and then swallowed each piece one at a time with water like it was a tablet (this also helped me to drink alot of water) - and the pineapple which is an enzyme food and helps kill them. I really believe in the pineapple and garlic. and the pineapple helps Sugar food cravings too!

my bloating has also gone down now.


Also, I bought all new underwear and also washed all of my undies at 90 degrees and bedsheets everyday as long as I still felt them around my bottom, (i also wore tight undies to bed), towels were also changed everyday in the bathroom.

I wanted to post this because when I first got pinworms the internet scared me into thinking this would be impossible to get rid of. I also had two itchy rashes on the sole of my hand and foot and in reflexology it pointed to the intestines, and since eating like I have its gone! Good luck everyone on beating this awful things.

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