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Re: eyebrows and scalp by who knew ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/17/2014 10:44:26 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Don't scare yourself with the morgellons shazam .
I have contemplated the morgellons diagnosis myself and came to the conclusion that even if it is that, its pointless to dwell on it .Better to focus on getting the body as a whole healthy .And whatever you do try to detox your body .You can use Bentonite clay and psyllium husks shakes to clean out the intestines and detox the body .
You said when you sweat it makes you itch more on your scalp .Well when you sweat you are releasing toxins through your pores .This might be why you are itching more when you sweat .I would try to shower as much as you can after you sweat .And possibly do a heavy metal cleanse .
There is a seller on ebay that sells heavy metal detection kits and herbs to detox with .Ive not bought any from him or her but I am going to on pay day .I figure it cant hurt and his prices are good .
I tested high in lead on a couple of labs I had done recently .So I know Im high on at least that one .I think it would be good for you to test and see what your results are after your exposure on the job to chemicals .
I was also exposed to perc at a dry cleaning job ( severely exposed ,rash and the whole nine yards ) .And chemical exposure is hell on the immune system too .
Anyway its something else to think about .Good luck and even if the iver on the scalp or the albendazole make your symptoms worse just remember that worsening of symptoms usually means its pissing them off ,and THAT is a good thing :D

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