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Iodine Cures Heart Problems by grizz ..... Heart Palpitations and Arrhythmias

Date:   8/2/2014 2:23:33 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Many thanks to Ginagirl for posting this message at the Iodine Forum.

It is related to Iodine cures I have been documenting in our Testimonials file, "Heart Problems Cured"

"Good Morning, Lynne Farrow....just wanted to share my recent visit to my cardiologist. I was first interviewed by the Medical Assistant. She came into the room looking like she had lost her best friend. She sat down head in hand, barely looking at me and started asking the usual questions: What meds are you taking? I answered, "none, I'm off all my heart meds." This got her attention. "What are you doing?" she asked. Then I told her my/our story: That last January I sat in this very office and looked around at all the patients hooked up to oxygen, pale and grey, barely able to breathe, let alone walk, and made the decision that I did not want to be a heart patient any longer...I did not want to live this way...that, for me, this was not living, it was existing. I told her that I "found" your book, The Iodine Crisis, and that it changed my life. I proceeded to explain to her the Iodine Protocol and that for A-Fib patients it may be the answer they are looking for. By this time, she is fully alert and her eyes are bright and she's looking me straight in the eye. She wanted to know we talked. Her words...."It' so depressing to see so many people never getting any better. It is great to know there are other options." I then asked her if she thought that the cardiologist would be upset with me? She replied, "No, sadly, there are thousands of people to take your place." After that the cardiologist came in...looked at the notes the MA had written, looked at me and smiled. Looked me in the eye and said, "See you in a me if you need me for anything." He was happy for me!!!! It was the most exhilarating doctor's office visit I've ever been to. Not so much for his response, but for the MA's excitement and the change in her attitude...the more I explained and talked about the Iodine Protocol, the more she perked up and got really excited. It convinced me of something you said to me a few months ago, "share your story; if even one person is helped, it is worth it." Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."
Gina's post:

Lynne Farrow is the author of this book that has improved millions of lives:

More about iodine here:

Why iodine helps cure heart problems, from my research notes:
* Atrial Fibrillation Tips


* Heart Health & Iodine

Also, the magnesium used in the Dr. Brownstein Iodine Protocol also helps to prevent strokes. Magnesium Deficiency is a major cause of strokes!


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