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I feel them kicking! by #69242 ..... Parasites Debate Forum

Date:   8/22/2014 2:44:44 AM ( 8 years ago ago)
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I have read more than a few posts by the 'regulars' who claim they feel worms 'kicking' or biting or running or that they feel worms moving from the colon to their elbows.

I can buy that some people are feeling some things somewhere but I think it ends there.

The rest of these claims are so bizarre and unfounded that I felt compelled to post this.

It seems like people have this cartoonish notion of anthropomorphized worms running round with legs or that they have skeletons or that peoples' nervous systems are so advanced that they can detect microscopic creatures moving inside their lymphatic system.

This is just so ignorant that no words can even begin to correct the nonsense being propagated here.

And don't even rush to judgment because I've been through plenty of parasite cleansing myself, with the gas abd bloating and uncomfortable symptoms. So I am well aware that things do happen during the die-off phase.

Most worms are microscopic.

Roundworms don't have legs, you cannot feel them travel around.

Some extremely rare types of parasites do actually burrow out of skin but these are extremely rare and not found in the west for the most part.

Even the very large parasites do not move around inside your body. The eggs go through stages yes but once the larvae hatch they attach to a certain place in the intestines and grow there.

I know it's a very hard thing to accept that you have parasites and it is traumatic to see them passed, but it's not a license to take giant leaps of crazy logic and spread this ingnorant nonsense that you feel them kicking. Have you ever felt a piece of mucous in your nose kicking? This is about the consistency of most worms, they are amorphous mucous-like in structure. Even some flukes that attach to the intestinal wall and feed from blood, you cannot feel them kicking.

Stop the craziness. Do your cleanses the best you can and get through the die-off but don't turn the internet into your own library of insane and incorrect information.

And don't even get me started on the 'candida' people who say they can see microscopic organisms in their stool.

Even worse are the people who are posting such obvious pictures of expelled parasites and then the other looney tune deniers say it is just mucous.

Does anyone have any common sense left anymore?

Were you all educated by watching bugs bunny cartoons?


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