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SIDE EFFECT WITH ANTRONEX taken for Histamine that I believe to be a factor with many other health concerns by Grace2Marayger ..... The Candida Diet

Date:   8/22/2014 2:17:15 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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I have suspected Candida for some time and have been preparing to do Able's strict Candida Protocol for almost a year. I think I keep putting it off because I hate strict diets and have a bad history of rebounding from them. I tested as having Dysbiosis 3 years ago and tested h.pylori positive months ago, am hypothyroid and believe that Histamine intolerance has been a factor for me for many years especially a factor now with my main health concerns of abdominal discomfort and pain that I think may be caused by Silent Acid Reflux caused by Histamine and rashes I think
are caused by a Candida overgrowth. I have gluten, nightshade, caffeine sensitivities as well. I eat a very clean Organic local food, Paleo Diet but maybe eating too much fruit (not so local) and for sure until about a month ago too many high and histamine liberating foods. My entire diet consisted of high histamine foods!! Lots more detail but... to get to the point...

Working on Histamine I took Standard Process Antronex to try and help and now suffering a SIDE EFFECT with Antronex:
I took only one tablet of ANTRONEX Wednesday afternoon and it made me dizzy but right away seemed to clear my ears and sinuses. Thursday morning I woke up and had some mucus loosen as I was sneezing and getting a little phlegm up (not normally having that). I did not take a dose Antronex again because I have still been dizzy since I took it that one time Wed afternoon!

Is that a normal reaction?

I think my Histamine Bucket is Full and that Histamine may be a factor with my Silent Acid Reflux and abdominal discomfort and pain.
I do have itchy full of wax ear all the time so it might be having an effect on my inner ear.
Do you know what this side effect might indicate?

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