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Help! Anyone with symptoms like me?!?! by joegrane ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   10/9/2014 12:04:40 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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We have plenty of people like you in the heavy metal detox groups here and at Yahoo, usually young adults.

"My periods of fatigue came during overtraining. "

You might explain more about the type of fatigue. Physical, muscles hurt, can't get motivated, could not get out of the house if there was a fire, etc.

"...i then move into agitiation or stage 1 alarm phase and get stuck there. I am usually ok and clam when at rest but become easily overstimulated to where I don't want to be in public spaces or feel a rush of adrenaline if I have to move around quickly."

Learn about norepinephrine and the conversion to epinephrine (adrenaline).

You could get a blood or better yet hair test looking for very low lithium. I know a couple of people who open a 5mg cap of Li orotate when they start to get agitated. A close friend and I feel better on a mg or two per day. My followup blood test reported undetectable Li even though I had been taking nearly 1mg per day in the previous days. That is consistent with my sense that I felt better when taking a small dose daily rather than every other day.

Magnesium is calming to many people. Epsom Salt is Mg sulfate. Sulfate is involved in breakdown of catecholamines and similar compounds such as phenols, norepinephrine, etc.

" I can't believe "manic depression" or "pyschosis" snuck up on me overnight..."

Remember, they are labels for a group of symptoms. If the underlying cause triggered the symptoms, it could make very good sense.

I'm not suggesting that a heavy metal problem is involved in everyone with those symptoms but at some point it makes sense to consider it, especially after mainstream doctors have exhausted the more common causes. This is an example.

"...he also had no good explanation why my periods suddenly changed either so I thought maybe is really was adrenal driven.

That also is consistent with a mercury(Hg) problem. Hg really hammers the endocrine and related systems. The steroid adrenal hormone Pregnenolone is involved in your "cycle". The precursor to it is pregnenolone, the grandmother hormone of the steroid adrenal hormones as seen here. (note DHEA is not abbreviated.)

A mainstream endocrinologist will not likely test for pregnenolone in the US. It is a supplement. they don't make $ on it. Your insurance probably doesn't cover the test. However with the irregular cycle you might do better to test pregnenolone. Progesterone has to be tested on a particular day of the month (21st?) due to great fluxuation during the cycle. You can order your own pregnenolone test from directlabs,, etc.

Melatonin and Mg are on the short list of things to try for insomnia. It is so common in the detox groups and methylation support groups.

Learn about methylation support. It can be wonderful for some of those with mood problems. this is an extreme example. I followed his tumultous years of detox in the Yahoo detox groups. Fortunately he kept scratching for better explanations and did not just settle for a life of psych meds.

Note: strangely SAMe was terrible for him. It is dangerous for those with depression. It makes better sense to me to use the B vitamins etc that the body uses to make SAMe. This should help the body to make SAMe at a more steady rate. SAMe is the methyl donor involved in breakdown of various mood related chemicals. We want to keep them at normal levels rather than bouncing up and down.

So much more could be said. Continue to look for better answers! However as Brad often reminds others, don't forget that your situation could get worse before it gets better. It did for him and me. Stay on top of the situation while you are still young! We wish we had the information you have when we were young adults.


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