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salt pushers by iodineWXU ..... Iodine Debate Forum

Date:   10/14/2014 7:13:31 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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here we go again folks.

some people who seem to be somewhat intelligent from their postings are perpetuating incorrect and incomplete information. it seems like the source of this is again trapper. i don't know what hold he has on everyone, but the information about salt pushers and salt loading is getting crazy.

first of all, let me acknowledge that in some cases people do need to take extra salt. in hypotensive people, or people with certain varieties of adrenal insufficiency where there exists low aldosterone salt can help to balance things out. though even here, it is just something to help and not even the remedy. and even in these cases too much salt is not a good thing.

the bad: hypertensive people should never take excess salt. it can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels and increase risk of cardiac events.

the very bad: salt pushing is not the same as liver flushing. you cannot just haphazardly start pushing too hard on the kidneys if you have kidney stones, you will wind up in the hospital in extreme pain and possibly have to get cut open. the kidneys are very delicate like the lungs and care must be taken to go slow and steady. if you want to cleanse the kidneys make damn sure you have no stones first. if you suspect stones they start reading about the various kidney cleansing herbs and teas.

i'm sure some of these people are getting benefit themselves, but they are absolute moronic in presenting the idea of a one size all plan for the kidneys.

salt has been used medicinally in some cultures, but you must be under proper supervision if you are going to start megadosing.

the people who are just reflexively repeating what trapper says about salt are both wrong and irresponsible.

imo salt is a food and you should eat it according to taste. forcing salt down your throat because internet zealots have somehow come up with these new bizarre ideas is a dumb idea.

one good idea with any food is to only eat it if it tastes good. please be careful of the zealots.


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