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Re: Brain Fog... by Raphael79 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   10/19/2014 7:40:30 AM ( 9 years ago ago)
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Tayto, we seem to be at about the same place with things. I just finished my 8th flush this past week.

Most of them I have gotten nothing out, or very little as you've described. Never the 'hundreds of stones' or piles of gems like you see many posting online.

Flushes 5 and 8 I've been fortunate to have gotten a few larger stones out, but nothing compared to the volume that we read of or that we know is in there given how sick we are.

It seems that the name of the game is to just keep flushing, regardless of what we 'get out.' Each flush is helping, whether we can see it or not, and I'm sure if you keep at it, you'll start releasing at some point, as will I.

I get really, really sick with flushes and it takes days to recover, but I did a few things this last flush that seemed to help with the effectiveness of my flush.

I started drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day, several days before I flushed, to make sure I was properly hydrated. That alone really helped -- I didn't need as many water enemas during to start getting things out.

Also, I did as Jill suggested and went in for a colonic and did several colemas to ensure that my small intestines were clear and that my gallbladder could open and release. This provided marked help, as well.

And finally, with Flushes 5 and 8, I did an additional dose of olive oil the day after the flush, to really knock out the already loosened stones from the first dose. I took 1/2 cup olive oil (with GFJ or without), all in one shot, and by that evening, I was releasing the larger stones.

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