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Re: My Experience by ladybird7 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   11/4/2014 7:52:13 PM ( 8 years ago ago)
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Part 2
As mentioned above, even though I had heard my Body Odor described as above (including weed, throw up..etc) I had never smelled it myself. I tried all ways to smell myself, my clothes, a room I just left, but it always smelled fine to me. It was only after using the Coconut oil that I realized how my Body Odor smelled.
Now my habit after I wake up is to go down to the kitchen and start my breakfast. When I came back into my bedroom it would have this horrific smell, probably like a sewer. Since my husband loves to eat food that gives him gas, I always assumed that the smell was from his gas, and since he generally was not sensitive to smells he just laughed it off. Anyway, about 3 days after I started on the coconut oil, I came back into the room as usual in the morning and the room smelled normal!! It was a shock to me. My bedroom had never not stank in the morning! I observed my husband, he had not changed anything.. His eating was the same and his gas was as bad and smelly as ever, but the room would not keep the smell. I was mortified that all this time I had assumed it was him only to realize for the first time that this was probably the smell that other people smelled. At this point I had also stared on the Candida diet and I stayed on it for about 4 months. The comments reduced significantly. If I heard anything, it was not with the vigor of before. This encouraged me. There are other supplements that I had started on before this that I kept taking on and others that I started on at about the same time and I will post on these later.
Katzifiel I hope I answered your question.

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