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Re: Kenyan diet has nothing to do with their running success by EasyDozIt ..... Paleo Diet Debate Forum

Date:   11/29/2014 3:21:47 PM ( 9 years ago ago)
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I feel for ya Fectoid, I have been debating back and for with natway in private messages for a week now. In that week I have figured out the three stage process that he likes to use when debating.

1. Imply or say something outright without any evidence.  Also when using "evidence", be sure to massage the data so it looks like it supports the statement.  A strawman is the favorite choice.

IE: Worlds best endurance athletes eat 80-10-10 ratio

IE: If your low-carb Paleo diet is so great, were are all the world-class Paleo runners? Why aren't they winning all these pro marathons? Why haven't the Kenyans and others switched to Paleo if it's such a superior diet?

2. Deny and ignore anything credible that refutes or is contrary to the "Natway diet"... most often without being able to give any logical or scientific reason why.

"Because she had a history of under-eating on her vegan diet:

"How do you know it wasn't protocols 3-8 that did the trick?"

3. Make sure to criticize and insult as frequently as possible, even without any evidence, when people don't agree with Natway or the "Natway Diet".

"So either you're lying about what you assumed my name was, or you have really poor mental cognition which is not unusual for people on low-carb diets, like Paleo."


"If you're talking about David Wolfe, he's the biggest snake oilsalesmen out there hopped up on the stimulant crackau. He's even quoted as saying he's probably the "wealthiest hippy on earth". Go to 1:25

Daniel Vitalis is another big Paleo-guru snake oil salesman. He's paleo because like Denise Minger, he under-ate on a vegan diet and blames the diet. Now he says eat meat, drink colostrum, and buy my supplements!

Don't know Daniel Amen, but looked him up and he sells his only line of supplements. BIG RED FLAG!

Mark Sisson was an elite athlete on a carb diet. Now he uses steroids to get that big and ripped and also sells supplements which doesn't bode well for his "Primal" diet. Grok didn't use supplements lol."




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