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Date:   12/3/2014 1:14:24 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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It took me about 10-12 weeks to overcome my candida and die-off symptoms, and it's probably going to take another 10-12 weeks to heal my tummy, which was cramping and growling at everything I ate, long after the other symptoms were mostly gone.

I was overprescribed Antibiotics for a sinus problem. When my mouth and tongue flared up. the doc just gave me more. I am autoimmune (Lupus, Hashi's), which may have contributed, but it was a sugar-laden holiday that really put me over the edge. Mouth pain, sore throat, ear ache and UTI were my major symptoms. And I would get annoying rashes on my inner thighs after sex, but didn't have a vaginal yeast issue at any point. I also had inexplicable crying jags. And that awful white-tongue taste in my mouth in the morning.

Once I figured out that it was candida, I cut out all sugars, starches, grains, fruits, sweet vegetables, milk products, legumes and alcohol. I ate eggs, meats, and salads. Green juices were just too rough on the tummy. I did an over-the-counter Colon Cleanse and parasite cleanse, but they just seemed to constipate me. I rotated anitfungals such as grapefruit seed and oil of organo, and rotated probiotics every few days as well. I also took vitamin C, cranberry, clorella, enzymes and lots of coconut oil. I was broke, and that's what I had around the house. ( I did not use ACV because I was having an almost hallucinogenic smell of vinegar.) The die-off symptoms started immediately. My gums, however, were destroyed by acute necrotizing gingivitis, which exploded in the back of my lower jaw and caused my skin and lymph nodes to blow up as well, and the dentist gave me a nystatin oral rinse, and just three tabs of fluconozole., and the relief was almost instant. For two months, I was too dizzy and weak to work. I was wasting away and my brain couldn't function, but my head was draining and my bladder and throat were gradually feeling better. But once the die-off symptoms went down and I felt a little more energetic and had a pink tongue again, my gut and sinuses felt raw and tender. The fungus had detached, but left sores or ulcers behind. I couldn't eat a thing without my tummy cramping and protesting loudly. What has truly saved me in this next phase is vegan protein shakes. Rainbow Light, Vega, Sun Warrior… any brand that has a gram or less of Sugar and includes enzymes, probiotics and greens. I mix with almond milk or my own hemp seed milk. I would highly recommend these vegan protein blends to anyone who is trying to heal their gut or overcome a Sugar addiction or weight problem.

After 14 weeks on the paleo-style candida diet, I have started food testing. Starches and grains are still a problem (instant earache and indigestion), so I will continue to avoid them, but I didn't have a problem with moderate servings of berries or vodka. I might try some plain kefir next, or maybe a banana or beets. We'll see, but this illness was horrific, and although the healing process takes months, the program I've outlined above was easy and effective and not too costly. Aside from the dental work of course. Yes, you will feel like crap and you will be brain-impaired as well, and yes it does take some time, just hang in there. But I really can't say enough about the protein shakes, they go down easy and really give me a boost, and I feel like I'm getting some muscle tone back.

This illness is a classic example of the problems with modern medicine and diet. I think a lot of people suffer from candida without realizing, and I hope my experience will bring some awareness to the people around me. I won't consider myself healed until I know I can eat fruit again, but wow am I feeling better... that was a rough one! Before all this, I was working as a housekeeper. One slight whiff of cleaning products still makes me want to hurl or pass out, so I am seeking a new line of work.

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